If you’re going to practice your craft at the highest level, you must find your edge.
Now before you disregard some of the practices in this thread, I invite you to be open-minded.
The elites will always try something that might have a 1% chance of giving them an edge.

Let’s dive into the 10 habits of elite performers:

1. Listen to Classical music

Classical music has great qualities of relaxation, mood-enhancing, and bettering your performance.
It’s one of the best ways to elevate and inspire yourself to a higher level.
I recommend you start with some Chopin or Bach.

2. Have an artistic outlet

It’s not a coincidence Einstein solved many problems while playing his violin.
Most elite performers need an artistic outlet, whether it’s a part of their work or a pastime hobby…
You can pick up an instrument, painting, creative writing, cooking, or any artistic field that interests you.
This allows your mind to detach from the daily grind and unwind.

3. Develop a strong inner circle

You’ll never see an Olympic athlete without his personal trainer and a few close memberswho go with him to every event.
It’s the same in any elite practice.
Form your strong inner circle, with which you’ll share and grow together.

4. Excellent Social Skills

We’re wired to connect and help each other grow especially if there are shared interests and goals.
This will help you open doors and opportunities that the anti-social will never dream of.
Be tactful and always aim to give more than you receive.
Check out Social Skills University for the best resources on the web to become more charismatic and socially fluent.

5. Think Strategically

You must consider your gains and losses in every move.
Strategic thinking is something you never stop learning, there are always more strategies and ideas to master.
Start reading books and studying politics\military strategies to get ahead. Vizier is a great book to start with.

6. Grand persona

To elevate their presence, you need to create a persona bigger than life.
This can be done through symbols, speech, novel ideas, and innovation.
The best way to learn is to study at personas you admire and understand what makes them

7. Theme and air of mystery

This ties nicely to the last point. As an elite performer, you’ll need any support you can get. The more you’re able to radiate an air of mysteriousness and ambiguity around you, the easier it gets to influence the crowds in your favor.

8. Fine taste

Develop a fine taste for people, places, food, and music. The quality of the things you consume is the quality of your output. You must allow only the state-of-the-art materials around you.

9. Mental and Physical abundance

You have to adopt the mindset of abundance. No matter what loss or win you achieve, there will always be more for you to obtain. It’s never the finish line until you decide it is. Check out this article to cultivate an abundance mindset.

10. Incredible self-belief and sense of purpose

An elite performer knows exactly what he’s going to do at any moment. You need to develop a strong sense of direction and purpose in life, there’s no time to waste. You’re always on the way to making your vision a reality.

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