1. Read in the morning or evening

Your mind is the most susceptible to absorbing information when you wake up or before you
go to sleep.
Use this natural ability in your favor and schedule your reading during that time.

2. Read with a pointer

I cannot stress this enough.
Your eyes are naturally constantly moving.
To combat this, read with a pointer, it will both help you stay more focused and read faster.

3. Stick to a certain topic

If your aim is to master a certain topic, like nutrition, fitness, learning, building wealth, or
Then you have to immerse yourself in that topic.
You will create new connections and recognize patterns much faster

4. Read only what interests you

If you read books that don’t resonate with you, you’re wasting your time.
If that book isn’t engaging an exciting your mind on multiple levels – drop it.

5. Make it a golden habit

Your brain becomes faster and better at activities you repeat often.
The more you read, the faster your mind will learn to absorb the information and ingrain it
in your memory.

6. Research before you read

I’ll say this again – you have to be active in your reading.
Research the book BEFORE starting to read it.
Check out a breakdown of it in an article or youtube video.

7. Tell others about what you’re reading

The best method to create a deep understanding of the topic you’re studying is to talk about it with others.
A bonus here is that you’ll be remembered as the guy\gal who always has something interesting to share.

8. Make notes and content from your books

Another way to really deepen your grasp on the topic you’re studying is to develop your thoughts in the written form
Do this often and you will soon have your own library of thoughts to enjoy and share with others.

9. Document new insights

Even if you don’t create new content from the book,
You have to document the AHA moments that occurred to you with it.
They will show you in which direction to continue exploring next.

10. Listen to audiobooks

Truth is, we don’t always have time to read.
That’s why you have to try other formats that will help you absorb the material.
Audiobooks are perfect for this and will complement your reading journey