Every person has a unique gift or talent they possess.
When you find and share it with the world it will bring you huge satisfaction and incredible
value to others.
The problem? Most people never find out what their god-given gifts\talents are…

Look, you don’t have to go to the end of the world on a soul-searching journey.
You only have to identify what you are good at and make people emotional and inspired.
Your gifts are often hidden in plain sight…

Let’s understand how to find them:

1. Being in a state of flow

When have you last entered a state of complete flow?
Of time stopping by its tracks and letting you do your thing?
Being in a state of flow is a big sign you’re tapping into your talents.

2. Play for you, work for others

The things that you enjoy doing, but others hate are a strong signal to your calling.
You love writing and can do it for hours on end, but you have to remember that not everyone does.
This is where you excel.

3. List your Accomplishments

Write down everything that is considered a moderate to big win in your life.
The wins you are most proud of are worth exploring further.
Dig with why this is a win for you until you get to the core of it.

4. What do others come to you for help with?

Is there something that your friends, family, and co-workers, always come to you and ask for advice\assistant?
If you’re able to provide them value there’s a signal there.
They see a unique talent in you that they can rely on.

5. What do people compliment you about?

Skills and works you produce that get praise from others carry a signal.
It brought emotion to others and that is a good sign you are doing something right.

6. Inspiring others

Try recalling times when you were inspired by others.
It was due to them bringing something bigger into life, and stirring up emotions in you.
Think of times that YOU inspired others – it’s a sign you’re on the right track.

7. Ask your inner circle

Your inner circle people are those who know you best.
They may have great insights to share and might validate the direction you’re going in right for you.
Take advice but do not rely on others for approval.

8. What are your strongest skills?

What are skills you are ultra-confident in, that you have no doubt you can execute?
Those are gifts and talents that can be further developed.
Align those skills with your goals and you’re on a winning track.

9. Journal often

Make use of a journal like a handbook and a guide for your life.
The more you journal about your experiences and thoughts, the more patterns will be much easier to spot.
Your talents will shine through the words on the pages.

10. Visualize your ideal life

Focus on creating a compelling vision for your future self.
These activities you envision are those that you have a natural inclination towards.
Explore these directions as they may be your biggest gifts to share. See: How to create your life’s vision

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