Self-confidence is one of the most attractive and magnetic qualities in a person. Whenever you come across a highly confident person, you just know he got his life in order, and is a successful individual, regardless of his situation in life. Why does that happen? That’s due to the fact he signals nothing in his way phases him or makes him doubt himself. He knows he can handle anything on his path, and this self-assertiveness is contagious and inspiring. In this article, 12 rules that will make you more confident, we’ll cover those principles.

Here are 12 rules that will make you more confident in life:

1. Look People straight in the eye

The eyes convey deep meaning. A person who doesn’t look others in the eyes will look unconfident. As if you have something to hide.
Avoid this trap. Practice eye contact often, and don’t shy away from it.

2. Develop a strong handshake

Your handshake is your first impression. Make it too weak, and you will seem weak. Make it too strong, and you’ll come out as aggressive.
Give a firm handshake that signals ‘don’t fuck with me’ strength, yet warm friendliness at the same time.

3. Deny negativity

As hard as it may be, do not dwell on negativity. Negativity will cause you to question yourself, your thought patterns, and your behavior.
The more you marinate in it your confidence will start cracking.

4. Treat thoughts like waves in the sea

This is a powerful way for you to accept reality as it is.
You do not waver in front of good or bad – it all comes and goes as waves in the sea.
The bad times will pass, so as the good times – none of it matters.

5. Accept yourself completely

Practice radical self-acceptance, with a constant desire for self-improvement.
Accept who you are today and believe in yourself.
Always be confident in your ability to succeed and make a difference in your life for the better.

6. Take up space

Do not shy away from taking up space in any place you walk into.
The room is yours, the world is yours for the taking.
Don’t shrink yourself down, be proud of your presence and your confidence will grow.

7. Express your desires

Never repress your desires.
What you have to say is worth just as others, if not more.
The more you command respect, the more of it will come into your life.

8. Say what you think

You have to muster the courage to speak up when you have something you want to say.
Develop a strong character around yourself.
Don’t avoid saying things because you’re afraid it will hurt others – it’s part of being a
confident person in your skin.

9. Master your craft

Become EXTREMELY competent in a skill.
Practice until you’re in the top 5-10% percent of people.
The fact you are the best at what you do will make you a confident beast but NEVER rely on that alone to feel confident.

10. Work on your mind

Your mind needs constant work and reassurance to keep it on the path you desire.
Always remind yourself how confident you are, your achievements, and your past successes.
Affirm and reprogram your mindset on a daily basis.

11. Work on your body

A fit body will help you be stronger, and feel better about yourself.
A person who is active, fit, and practices physical activity will always feel more confident,
both due to natural hormone secretion and the mental state he lives in.

12. Surround yourself with winners

Develop a strong circle of winners around you.
Level up with them consistently. Share your wins and growth.
You will see how great life becomes once you surround yourself with a winning circle that inspires you for growth.
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