Here are 15 life lessons for your 20s that will help you get a new perspective on your life.

1. People come and go, Family is forever

Family is everything and comes first, no matter what. If you love your friends make them your family. If your biological family is harmful, make one of your own. Your family can be a friend, a cat, or a dog. It’s whatever makes you happy.

2. Live fearlessly without worry

“Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once.”

Live like a warrior. Drop all worries from your head. When the problem arrives, then you deal with it. Be brave and conquer every day as it comes.

3. Love is found when you don’t look for it

If you obsess about it you will not find it. If you want to find love, stop looking. Generate self-love first. Work on yourself and make your world so abundant that love is attracted to your magnetic field. Just like a star. Take these life lessons with you and reduce your worry about finding love.

4. Minimize your distractions

Go out of your way to avoid the modern disasters of video games, Netflix, Drugs, Alcohol, and porn. You are young, strong, and have endless stamina. Your body and mind are in the best shape they will ever be. Don’t ruin it by feeding them garbage.

5. You can’t run from a challenge

Everything you do is a challenge, waking up is a challenge, breathing is a challenge. Running from a challenge is a challenge. If you avoid one challenge it will find you somewhere else.

Choose your challenges instead of them choosing you.

6. Your worth is equal to the value you produce

School and grades are nice but they don’t matter. What matters is the value you create in the world. Find your unique value and bring it out to the world, you will be rewarded in ways you cannot imagine. Learn how to invest in yourself.

7. Money is freedom

Don’t let anyone tell you money doesn’t matter. Think about why this matters to you. If you want to impress others, you are looking in the wrong direction. If you want the freedom money brings with it, find a way to bring value to others. Money will follow. Read more about money and investing here.

8. Take endless risks

Nothing will ever come to you without taking any risk. Going out of the house is risky. Driving is risky. Asking a girl out is risky. But not doing anything is riskier. Regret is riskier. Not trying is riskier. You will not find major success without risk. Learn here about Crypto and NFT’s.

9. Embrace innovation

“The world was better in the past”. When you adopt this mindset you neglect to see the opportunity of today. Embrace innovation, hunt opportunities. You will be in the top 1-2% looking for the next big thing, and you will find it.

10. Constantly learn

The most successful people in the world have one thing in common: They never stop learning. Always have a book in your hand. Learn about music, science, psychology, art, economics, crypto, online income. Expand your knowledge in any way you can. Other people’s life lessons are a great way to keep learning as well. Learn the ultimate reading system here.

11. Become a leader

Push your friends and peers to be better. Show the way. You will grow and learn a lot in the process. Teach what you learn to others, and be the role model for success. Carry others with you to the top.

12.Learn an instrument

If you learn an instrument it will be your lifelong friend wherever you go. You will have the joy and gift of music at the tip of your hands, forever. This is a skill that can melt the hearts of the most bitter person in the world.

13. Give back when you can

Buy your siblings a nice book. Invite your friends to a movie. Buy a meal for those in need. Volunteer for something you care about. Open the door for others. Smile to the elderly. Small gestures go a long way and giving feels better than taking.

14. Take care of your health

Learn a skill that will make you healthier and happier at the same time, like yoga, meditation, and exercise. Even going for a 15m walk every day is better than nothing. Care for your body today so you can live with it happily for many years to come. Taking care of your health is one of the strongest life lessons you will learn.

15. Enjoy your youth

The years pass very fast. The experiences you have today are the memories you will cherish tomorrow. Enjoy your daily life, be with your family as much as you can. Do what makes you happy while working on your goals. Be grateful for the life you have today.

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To Sum It Up

Don’t let cheap pop culture dictate your life.

Forge your own path and make your life valuable.

It’s in your power to create the reality that brings you joy and happiness.

Let me know in the comments which of the life lessons here resonated with you the most.

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