1. Everything humans do is done in order to survive and reproduce.
  2. A woman will always choose her children over their father
  3. Monogamy is not the natural state for humans –
  4. Humans are the only animals in nature that will kill because of emotions, and not just to survive.
  5. Humans are the deadliest animal in the world
  6. Humans’ brains developed massively once they started eating cooked meat. Ironically, the ability to feel for animals emerged thanks to eating them.
  7. A woman’s prime is in her early 20’s. A man’s prime begins in his 30’s.
  8. Women will say they want a nice guy but they secretly despise them.
  9. Business is modern, cultured warfare.
  10. People rarely speak the truth in their words. Their body, eyes, and movements tell the real story.
  11. Humans have the most accurate subconscious meter for social value. Every person knows exactly where he is on the ladder, compared to others.
  12. Humans will do unspeakable things for money – everyone has a price.
  13. The lack of love from a mother for her newborn can create narcissism, depression, psychopathy, and other horrible pathologies when the child is older.
  14. Every person believes he is smarter, prettier, and better than the average.
  15. It takes humans a long time to build trust, but it can be broken in a split second.
  16. Every human has an animalistic side – his choice to overcome it to rise higher is in his hands.

The choice is yours – I know you’ll make the right one.