Your brain is a powerful machine that is operating at all times – even keeping you alive even when you’re asleep. In order to optimize your brain to operate at full capacity, there are a few habits and rituals you can pick up to make it even faster and sharper. Let’s begin.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a no-brainer (no pun intended). Brain scans have shown your whole brain lights up when you meditate. Your brain structure changes when you meditate and you gain better control over impulses, motoric, and emotional functions. You have to pick up meditation if you want to optimize your brain.

2. Exercise

Your brain THRIVES on oxygen supply,
When you exercise and train, it gets a load of fresh oxygen through your blood circulation
It’s crucial if you want to achieve optimal performance with your brain

3. Supplements

There are certain supplements that will improve your cognitive functions and allow your
brain to work faster, harder, and longer.
They are called nootropics.
Some of them are:

  • Korean Ginseng
  • Caffeine
  • Creatine
    (Not medical advice – advise with a doctor)

4. Playing an instrument

Playing an instrument is a powerful workout for your brain
It involves memory, fine motoric, rhythm, hearing, and flow.
Playing a musical instrument is strongly related to higher cognitive functions.

5. Reading books

Reading books will improve your focus and concentration
It will allow your brain to be in a totally immersed state that allows for stronger memory and
cognitive functions.

6. Learning a language

Learning a new language completely rewires the parts of your brain related to speech and language processing,
It’s one of the hardest workouts you can apply to your brain but with a very high reward of allowing you to communicate with more people. This activity will greatly aid you to optimize your brain performance.

7. Breaking patterns

If you have a certain routine you always repeat, you’re limiting the growth of your brain.
Your brain craves new stimulation and novelty.
Just like you change exercises when training your body – Break your routines and patterns
every once in a while,

8. Writing

Writing involves decoding your thoughts and presenting them in a clear, powerful, and understandable way for others to read.
You don’t need to have to be a master writer, but writing daily will increase your ability to
think and conduct yourself in front of others.

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