A journey to India

8 Valuable Lessons that I learned from my journey to India that will change your perception of life.
India is one of the most beautiful, special, and unique countries in the world. Every sight is different from the other and the time spent in the country is mystical. Let’s dive into the core of what makes India so unique and special.

1. Time Is a relative concept –

We already know that, but do we understand it?

Time moves differently in every way in India.

I believe that it is perceived differently there.

5 minutes in India can range anywhere from actually 5 minutes to 3-4 hours.

Try asking the drivers there how long it will take to get anywhere – it will always be “Around 5-10 minutes”.

2. Money – How much do we really need?

Money is also a concept we are all familiar with.

We think we know what 20$ means to us, and we have a good estimation of what we can buy with it.

When I was in India, my perception of money was blown away.

20$ that can barely buy a decent meal in many countries can be enough for a whole day’s spending – Including food and a decent room.

It is hard to grasp how different money is worth in different parts of the world.

Only when you experience it you will truly understand it.

Main Bazaar in India

3. Nothing is impossible

There is NOTHING that’s impossible in India.

Every experience can be created, and every thought materialized.

You can drive through deserts for days

Trek for weeks in the wild

Raft in lakes

Fly in a helicopter

ride a motorbike to the sunset and live like a maharaja in the finest hotels.

Anything your heart desires can be fulfilled.

Journey to India

4. The variety of food is unlimited

I have never seen so many different dishes made from the same base ingredients.

The variety of Indian food is as vast as the species on earth, and everything tastes wonderful.

Indian cuisine is masterful alchemy of spices, vegetables, and herbs.

I was mesmerized by the connection of Indian food to nature and plants, and how rich dishes can be though they are purely vegan.

Tali – a traditional meal that serves a variety of dishes in small plates

5. There is Order in Chaos-

India may seem “Chaotic” from an outsider’s perspective.

When you get there – you will most likely be shocked by the number of people, vehicles, colors, stimulation, and animals all around you – even in the big cities.

The thing is that the more you integrate with the local environment the more you start seeing Order in the Chaos.

There are rules to the seeming chaos, which in turn create order.

Man-made rules and laws can never create an order more natural than this.

Journey to India
Traffic Jams are common and considered part of life in India

6. Wisdom is in experience-

Many Indians don’t have any formal education yet they are some of the wisest people I have met

They understand life at a fundamental level

They have gained this wisdom in life through experience and taking action

7. Pain and suffering are part of life –

That is one of the core beliefs of Hinduism and is a big part of the Indian’s life.

In a simplified way – suffering is something that is a part of living.

We can only overcome it by doing good until we reach Nirvana.

It is why for a western person many things will look very odd and unacceptable but that is just another view of life.

We grow when we see things from a different perspective.

Journey to India
The “Sadus” of India, living a spiritual life as nomads

8. Always be on the move –

Everywhere you look around there will be people, animals, or vehicles moving somewhere.

They might be carrying\selling\creating something.

They might just be wandering, but they are always on the move.

Nothing is still in India at any given moment.

It is something I admire. Like water, if you are still you will stagnate.

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