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How to fix your Subconscious Feedback Loops

If you want to excel with anything in your life, you need to create positive feedback loops that will make it easier to do what makes you better, rather than not do it. This is a basic law of human nature and behavior – what

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How to do Deep Work to get more done in less time

Finished reading Deep Work lately, a great book by Cal Newport that helped me solidify my personal experiences with deep work to date. Many of these insights I’ve been practicing for years now. Learned a lot of these “hacks” and tips through practicing guitar for

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How to read a book in one day

Yes you read it right, One day, One book – Read and Distilled This one might get me roasted but hear me out, there are times you need to churn in and process lots of information, for a project, for a work task, or for

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How to Transform your Stress into RAW POWER

Today I want to talk about mastering the skill and art of stress. Recommend you make yourself comfortable, get a cup of your favorite drink and kick back – as this one will take you on a journey. Harnessing the power of stress Maybe you’ve

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Unlocking Peak Performance

One of the things I personally enjoy the most is doing MORE effective work, that leads to more results, in LESS time. Maybe this may sound impossible to you, or there’s no way that this is achievable by just anyone. I want to show you

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The Subconscious Detox Protocol

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung Our subconscious mind shapes our lives. Think about the subconscious mind as a supercomputer running in the background with all of your cognitive functions that

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