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How to Master The Art of Charisma

If you want to:• Inspire people• Appear larger than life• Move the masses in your favorYou have to Master the Art of Charisma. Here are 16 Principles to Help You Develop Magnetic Charisma: 1. Listen more than you speak The more you speak, the more

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How to unlock your potential – Part 1: THE MIND

Welcome to the first article of the 3-part series: “How to Unlock Your Potential”. This article will go through Part 1: THE MINDPart 2: THE INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR BODYPart 3: THE 8 SECRET WEAPONS YOU POSSESS (Coming Soon) In this article we will go through:

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15 books that will bend your reality:

1. 48 laws of power by Robert Greene Lessons: • People always play games of power no matter their status• Learn the keys of power both for offense and defense 2. Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci • Everything is connected, learn to spot the patterns

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