If you are a blogger, web designer, digital marketer, or any other professional who uses and builds websites as part of your job – then you know how important web hosting is.

Finding the right web hosting can be a tough job and involves hours of research and testing.

After hosting my client’s and my own websites on multiple hosting companies (Siteground, Hostinger, Bluehost, Dreamhost),

I can safely say that I have found the number one solution for web hosting -> Cloudways.

Cloudways hosting solution

Cloudways gives me the peace of mind needed when hosting high ticket websites that need the 3 S’s:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Support

In addition to that, Cloudways take their support to the next level and offer help on almost any topic you will encounter while building a website.

No matter what level you are at, there are times you will most likely need help with your app or server – Cloudways is always there for you with 24/7 support.

Oh, and they are also super affordable with plans starting at 10$ a month. (I will show you why that is super affordable compared to other hosting services)

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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is basically a server that is used to store all the files and databases of your website to serve it to the worldwide web.

A website is a bunch of files containing text and code bundled together to form a cohesive structure.

Your web hosting provider is the house in which your website lives.

Just like you want your house to be safe, secure, and preferably affordable to live in, the same goes for your web hosting provider.

You wouldn’t want to store your websites in some shady provider’s outlet, that practice poor security, or even worse – sell your data.

You want full control over the websites that you worked so hard to build and maintain.

So you need to choose a good, reliable web hosting provider – and today we will talk about Cloudways.

So… Who needs it?

Anyone who wants to build anything on the internet. Showcase their work, sell online, share information, own a piece of land in the virtual space.

Be it –

  • Content creators
  • Artists
  • Counselors
  • Coachers
  • Therapists
  • Writers
  • Chefs
  • Online shops
  • Local stores
  • Big brands
  • Hairdressers
  • Designers
  • Copy writers

You get it… Today in 2021 – it probably means EVERYONE.

Why Cloudways?

  • Speed – Cloudways servers are all about speed and efficiency.
    Today, if your website isn’t running at optimal speed it will cause you to lose visitors. You can’t afford having a cheap server which takes more than 2-3 seconds to load the page.
    Of course, to some degree speed depends on how you build your website – but your server is the most crucial point. You can only be as fast as your server allows you to be.

  • Modular– Cloudways offers an array of plans to choose from, be it a small server for a small website or a powerhouse server for high traffic, high demand websites.
    You can change everything in cloudways and get more power and storage space as you go.
    The flexibility is amazing and makes your possibilities endless. You don’t have to marry a preset plan and pay loads of money to upgrade to the next. It is all customizable to the exact storage and memory amount needed.

    This is less relevant if you are just getting started but will most likely be an issue for you as you grow. Why not start with a growth oriented mindset from the start? Cloudways allows that.

  • Security – One of the highest security hosting providers is Cloudways.
    Hosting on the cloud is always safer because the data is fragmented on multiple storage locations. It makes the possibility of a disasterous deletion of your files extremely rare.

  • Affordable – Cloudways plan’s are probably not the cheapest out there, but they are definitely very affordable.
    With cloudways, you pay monthly – without obligations and with the ability to cancel anytime.

    This fact only makes cloudways a better choice for those starting out.
    Cloudways cheapest plans start with 10$ per month – with which you can host between 1-6 WordPress websites (Depending on website size and resources needed.)
  • Outstanding Support – Cloudways support is one of the best support team I have encountered in any company. They offer 24/7 support, on any topic related to your website or server. They have powerful guidance and knowledge on any topic and I have never had a problem they didn’t know how to solve.

    That alone, is worth much much more than 10$ a month. Their support system is something you would pay a service provider hundreds of dollars a month to give you technical aid.
  • Better than the competition – there are a few competitors that are qualified against Cloudways – but the thing is they are much, much more expensive. The competition in the price range of Cloudways is usually just a shared hosting server of sorts – a horrible option to go for.

    Just so you get the idea – Shared hosting is a server split into many pieces in which you get a share. If one person overloads the server with junk files, overuses resources, abuses the server – then your website will suffer as well. Cloudways gives you the peace of mind of having your own dedicated server on the cloud.

In addition to all of that, Cloudways offers you 3 days of FREE trial – you can try everything out – and without need for your credit card.

After that, it’s just 10$ a month, no obligations, no strings attached. Cancel anytime. Best deal you can possibly get in the web hosting space.

How to set up Cloudways server

Ok so now that I convinced you why Cloudways is the best option for hosting your website – Let’s dive in on how to set up your first server very easily.

Step by step guide

Open account-

Go to Cloudways and open an account.


Launch a new Server –

Choose your desired application and plan

  1. If you are looking to build a WordPress site – choose the latest WordPress version. Give it a name and select a project ( It doesn’t matter what you name it and you can always change it later.
  2. Now for the server settings – If you are a beginner who doesn’t know which plan to choose I recommend: “Digital Ocean”, Server Size 1GB. For location choose the one nearest to you. It should cost you approx 10$ a month.

    If you are going to build a big website for ecommerce or generally lots of traffic – you can choose a higher GB memory, or go for Google\Amazon’s service. They are more powerful but also more expensive. If you are confused feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me and I will help you.

After you chose all the correct settings click “Launch Now”

You are ready to start building your WP site


After a few minutes, your application will be ready. You are now able to access it and start building your website. Click\Hover on the WWW and choose the application you just created. You will be able to access the admin panel and start building your site from there.


To log into your application – click the URL under Admin panel (Number 2) and use the username and password in the Admin panel section to log in.

That’s it, You’ve done it! You can now start building and customizing your WordPress website.

Do you want to learn how to build your own WordPress site? Stay tuned for a thorough guide on the subject – you can subscribe to my email list to get a notification when it comes out.

How to start a blog guide – *Coming Soon*

In summary

Hope you enjoyed this guide and learnt how to open your own cloud servers in Cloudways. You can now start to host online applications and websites and make the web a more beautiful place.

Let me know if you need any help getting started in the comments, or reach out to me through Twitter – I’ll do my best to help.

Good luck!

As always,

Limitless Reader.

P.S – If you haven’t done that already – Go ahead and start your free trial to start building beautiful websites on the web: