For those of you who don’t know yet, I served in the army for 3 years in a combat unit. Do you know where’s the first place every soldier is thrown into In the military? It’s called Bootcamp.

Bootcamp is a mini-hell where you go through RIGOROUS training in all aspects.
You’ve always wanted to MASSIVELY improve before.
It is time to put it into real-life action.
We agree on this – You need to take massive action.
You know it’s true. You feel it in your bones.
15 minutes of working on yourself a day just don’t cut it.
It’s nice… but will get you nowhere compared to your true potential.
It’s time to change that
Heed my warning before we start – the force of nature challenge is not for the faint of heart.
If you’re a weakling and don’t feel like changing, skip this post, it isn’t for you.

If you’re ready to bite the bullet and level up extremely – please keep going.
Follow this post for 30 days and you WILL witness growth you’ve never experienced, and a new outlook on life that cannot be expressed in words alone.
Do as this post says exactly, and you will reap the rewards of your efforts.

Let’s begin.

1. 1 hour of exercise every day

Preferably in the gym lifting weights. If you’re too tired for the gym or power training go for a
run. If you’re too tired to run, go biking. Find something. No excuses. 1 hour a day – GO.
You can have 1 day off on the weekend. Check out our guest post on exercise routines.

2. 1 hour of focused reading

Pick a topic you want to research: Money, Relationships, Health, Online business, Music, etc.
Pick up a Top-Level book that is recommended. A classic in its field. Read and study it
deeply. 1 hour a day. Highlight power sentences. Make notes. GO.

3. 30 minutes of meditation

Your mind is a wild beast. Especially if you’ve never meditated before. You have to tame it,
and subject it to your will. Your mind must be controlled by you, and not the opposite. Quiet
the mind and gain back control. 30 minutes a day – GO.

4. 30 minutes of walking

You spend too much time sedentary. Walking outside is a super activity. It allows you to get sunlight, fresh air, and blood flow to your body.
While walking you can listen to music, talk with a friend, or listen to a podcast. 30 minutes a day – GO.

5. 3 times a day – Reading affirmations

Affirmations have a profound effect on your mind.
They will reframe your mindset to a desired one, rather than a random collection of thoughts
absorbed from your environment. Create them and repeat them at least 3 times a day – GO.

6. 1 Posture exercise a day

Most people are bent over a screen or phone most of the day. This creates extreme tension on
the head and back. Realign yourself. Stand up straight against a wall. Lie down on a towel with a tennis ball underneath along your spine.
These 2 exercises will help you realign your back and spine. Make sure you hold your head high and shoulders backward throughout your day as well. GO.

7. 45 minutes practicing a skill

Remember the topic you decided to research with a book?
Now its time to put your knowledge to work. Choose a skill related to your field and practice
it for 45 minutes at least. You might even be able to monetize it by the end of this challenge.

8. 3 DMs a day to expand your network

Your self-development journey will get better with others walking with you. Connect with
like-minded individuals, lead with value, and don’t be a social vampire. Your social skills &
opportunities will grow, and you’ll build lasting friendships. GO!

9. 15 minutes of Visualization

Your life is what you believe, the patterns you repeat, and the image you have in your head. Do you love your life? Do you love your current reality? If not let’s change that.
Create the perfect day in your head. Build a pristine picture. Write it down. Now sit quietly every day and repeat this image.
Feel it, be the actor inside this movie.
You will find ways to move towards this desired reality, it goes deeper but do with this for now. GO.

10. 30 minutes of Journaling

After such a rigorous day, you’ve earned your rest.
You can use these 30 minutes to relax, journal about your day, and draw insights. This will
give you fuel for tomorrow, another day in your personal Bootcamp. GO GO GO.

Things to avoid, without further explanation:

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Porn
  • Video games and Netflix (apart of your 30 minutes if you have to)
  • Junk food
  • Excess Social Media
  • Gossiping, cursing, bad energy

If you manage to eliminate these, you’re already ahead of most people.

If you follow the force of nature challenge for 30 days, you’ll come out a BEAST on the other side.
But wait. the work is still not done. The secret I didn’t tell you is self-improvement never ends, this is just the beginning.
Keep walking your path and soon – you’ll be a legend.

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