"There's A Secret Method used by The Military, Intelligence Agencies, and High Performers that can help you bend reality to your own will and achieve rapid success."

If you’re serious about learning how to qucikly and easily reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest FEARLESS, effortless success, all while destroying procrastination, limiting beliefs, and doubt, then this will be the most important system you’ll ever discover…

Hey, I'm Aaron Aka Limitless Reader

I'm a writer and peak mental clarity consultant

Before that I served in the military for 3 years as a commander to 20 men, been to countless life risking operations, skydived all alone from a plane (As seen in the picture)

And in just minutes I want to reveal to you the exact same secretive systems used by militaries, secret agencies, and other high performers AGAINST YOU…. 

So we can flip the tables around and help you crack the code of your own reality to achieve MASSIVE success, while working only 5-6 hours a day, eliminating destructive beliefs and maximizing your flow state & fulfillment of life.

Hey, I'm Aaron Aka Limitless Reader

I'm a writer and peak mental clarity consultant

If you’re like me you’ve probably been led to believe from a young age that creating the life you desire should take decades on end of grinding and hard work, with little to no results, and lots of failure in the process before you get to the promised land – to your personal image of dream life and success

Truth is, I myself thought this is how reality works for a very long time. 

But what I failed to realize  for so long is that the limiting beliefs and misconceptions I had on reality where what held me back.

Let me tell you the short story of how I came to find out that You (and myself) were lied to all this time.

When I was almost 19 I’ve joined the army to a classified unit.

We went into intense training that consisted of rigorous physical and mental exercises all throughout the day, from 5 in the morning till 23:00 at night (Jeez, that was on a “good” day!)

The rapid transformation we’ve all experienced in the span of months was unbelievable to the eyes of anyone watching from the side.

Now, mind you, I was just a 19 y/o at that time who had no effing clue about life, or how this would later serve me, but we’ll get right back to that in a moment

In the span of 3 months – I grew from a skinny, quite, fearful boy to a Strong, fearless, powerful leader 

A man amongst other men, who have all went through the exact same transformation I did.

From civilians to soldiers. From boys to men.

When I came back home for the first time my friends and family couldn’t even recognize me

Now, what the heck happened there during those 3 months?

See, we’ve all came from different backgrounds, different physiques, shapes, behaviors, beliefs and ways of thinking, so how exactly were we all COMPLETELY aligned in both our ways of thinking, belief systems, and behavior in such a short span of time?

I’ll let you think about this for a moment as this story just gets wilder from here on. 

After we finished bootcamp I was sent to my unit and I 


while you keep reading how I went to use this mysterious experience again and again  to create success in throughout my life when I was honorably discharged.

Fast forward 4 years after I finished the army, I went on to start my own business while attending University.

Tbh, It was hard AF. I wasn’t prepared for what’s to come.

I was grinding like hell, working hard, and making little to no progress. I would literally sit down 12 hours a day, almost like my army days, like they trained us, but I would get little to no results…

I couldn’t get why that was happening.

I was sure it will solve itself out if I just DO MORE and put in more focus in my work.

Unfortunately, it didn’t.

I was on a verge of giving it all up and just saying SCREW this, let me get some mediocre job or whatever and live a “Comfy” life (Which we all know is just a trap)

Until *snap*. 

I just stopped for a moment and something inside me just suddenly clicked

But then I just stopped for a moment to ask myself, what was it that happened in the army that allowed us to make QUANTUM LEAPS of progress in such a short span of time.

It was something beyond just grinding and working out, or learning about the secret operations and systems in classes. It was something deeper.

And then it strucked me. They were reprogramming us every single moment while we were there.

They were actively SHIFTING our ways of viewing reality, and installing new software straight into our subconscious mind continously, from morning to night, and sometimes also during our sleep ->

By hacking our conscious mind and going straight into the subconscious operating system they were able to create and instill RAPID, powerful changes that submitted us to our new reality tunnel and the vision of the organization we are in.

Through controlling everything from our speech, environmental programming, way of thinking, the language allowed, the behaviors we were allowed and required to do – they programmed us into becoming superhuman soldiers able to do whatever it takes in order to secure the mission and the goal.

Now, this powerful way of living and thinking was activated on me in a way I didn’t realize until later on in life.

And when I picked up a few books about reality creation, brainwashing, mind shifting, and quantum reality It all CLICKED and made sense.

I documented EVERYTHING they’ve used to create the neccessary rapid change and beliefs and put it into a set of guidelines and method to use: SUBCONSCIOUS INCEPTION.

Then, going back to my situation I started applying the ideas day after day in my business and school, calmly, in a thoughtful manner, I started Re-engineering my own reality and bending it to my will.

The results blew my fucking mind away.

What took me YEARS of progress and mental processing to try and achieve, I suddenly managed to bring into reality in less than 3 months.

– 5-fig Business and investments growth
– 90-100’s grades in UNI
– 100’s of pieces of content
– 38K followers in social media
– 1500+ newsletter subs
– Incredible connections with High value individuals
– Opportunities coming into my life from multiple sources
– 150+ of happy students, clients, and customers
– Helped others achieve amazing clarity, direction and results in their life
– Grown other brands for customers all over the world

All done with MINIMAL time put in, no more than 5-6 hours a day to get these results.

And more.

All in less than one year.

Before using the Subconscious Inception method to reprogram my mind, my mind was filled with Limiting beliefs, Self-doubt, painful memories, low energy, and negativity.

I would talk down to myself

I would let myself down

I let bad habits get the better of me

But when I took myself together and rebuilt my mind with the methods of this system, my life ascended in every possible way.

Now, this isn’t just some spiritual theoretical knowledge that will take you years to apply.

You see, you can possibly go down my route, look for all the books speaking on these subjects of reality creation, consume videos, social media posts … That I personally love and find immense value in it, but it’s just much slower and will take a life time to apply.)

Then go and apply in reality, experiment, test, go back to the drawing board…

Or you can use a step-by-step system that works and guarantees results.

It’s your choice to make, and hey if you go down the first I respect the hustle.

The thing is that not everyone had the privilege (Or the pain lol) to have to go through 3 years of rigourous training in special mental training in the army

Apply the theory in reality

Come out and document it in an easy to follow and use method

AND guarantee that it will help you.