If you think getting that fancy car, a bigger house or more money will finally make you happy… You are setting yourself up for a life of misery.

Most people think that getting more products, objects, and materials will make them happier. I can’t even begin to tell you how far you are from the truth.

In reality, what you want is much bigger…

What you REALLY want is the ultimate freedom.

You don’t want those shiny objects that will eventually break and become liabilities.

True freedom is everything you ever imagined and more.

It isn’t just having material possessions and going to some fancy restaurants.

True freedom comes from a much deeper source.

Yes, unfortunately, or not – depends on how you view it,
ultimate freedom includes freedom of money.

True and ultimate freedom includes every aspect that is there holding you grounded

Let’s break down on what ultimate freedom means and how to get it.

Table of Contents

But what is ultimate freedom really?

Let’s list all of the areas in life you should want to pursue freedom:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Creation

When you pursue freedom in each and every direction in this list you will become a higher-level person.

It will be your mission to level up in each aspect and you will start seeing life’s deeper reality more clearly.

You will begin to see the patterns that are holding you back and not letting you progress.

Each step on the ladder to freedom will be hard and long but you will take it, as you know that is your destiny.

Stay in place and you will experience only a fracture of life and might end up living a life of constraints and mediocrity.

No one is 100% free in this world, we all have constraints and problems we face but freedom is an ideal we should seek

When you have freedom in all aspects you can help others grow and flourish on a deeper level.

To give back is the greatest power you will have in life. It will give you meaning.

Let’s break down the ways to achieve freedom:

  • Mastery
  • Creation
  • Building
  • Learning
  • Connecting
  • Pursuing passion

Doing all of these will lead to a fuller and happier life

There is no free person that doesn’t pursue each field to an extent.

The Freedom Blueprint

The blueprint I view as the fastest and most beneficial to pursuing freedom is this:

  1. Study yourself. Study psychology, mental models, reality, and human behavior.

    In order for you to truly thrive in your journey, you have to learn yourself first. If you don’t understand how your mind operates, how other people behave and act and what drives them you will not be able to go far. Understanding yourself and human nature will give you the groundwork to build from. Every interaction is a transaction, and if you excel with people skills you will get far in no time.

  2. Study business, study sales, build your business build a company, start pursuing a field of work vigorously. learn skills that you can leverage on a higher level.

Examples of these skills are:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Consulting
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Coding
  • Web development
  • Manual labor

These are all jobs that have endless demand and leverage.

They are in need and net good ROI.

  1. Stack your income. Save what you can. Go hard on investing. No, go hard and strong on investing.

Learn every investment channel on earth.

Study crypto, study defi, learn how you can 2x, 5x, and 10x your wealth in a matter of years or even months.

You can start learning about Crypto here and about investing here.

  1. By now you have achieved a degree of freedom.

Stack on your freedom.

Build with others, expand your interests, iterate your success and teach it.

  1. At this stage freedom is your default state, where you are working from an inner compass attuned to your wants and desires.

It’s time to share your wisdom with the world to complete a full circle

One of the best ways to share your journey is by documenting on Twitter.

Building an account on Twitter can easily engage all 5 steps from start to finish.

Check out this course to learn how to build a great account with a purpose from scratch ->

Keep on building and expanding on yourself. There is no possible downside to capitalizing on your own ambitions

The world needs more powerful and strong leaders. Become a walking library of thoughts, ideas, and solutions.

If you go on this journey fully, in 6 months from now, you will experience life on a different level.

In 5 years’ time, you will be amazed at your progress.

You have changed completely from a-z, your freedom map will be almost complete.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in your journey, and most of all develop your own philosophy of living.

That will be the number one step to growing much bigger.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments

As always,

Limitless Reader