Hey, my name is Aaron, aka Limitless Reader,

And as I’m writing these lines, I’m closing in on 10 years of writing.

When I started writing more seriously at the age of 16, I had no idea where it would take me. I always wanted to find more ways to express myself – writing, music, sports – but as I look back it was always writing that was dominant.

Throughout the last 10 years I’ve been doing so many things it almost makes me dizzy thinking about it…

Since I was 16 I’ve worked in various things (chronological order):

  • Washed dishes (16)
  • Night Club organization
  • Catering events
  • 3 years as a soldier and commander in the military (19-22)
  • Delivery job
  • My first business: Cajon building
  • Waiter
  • high ticket sales
  • Started studying Mathematics in university – quit after 3 months (23)
  • Private teacher for math, English
  • My second business: Web design
  • Various failed ventures while running the web design business in the background.
  • Started a psychology degree in Uni (24) – finishing this year
  • Started writing online (25)
  • Creating my first online program (26)
  • Writing and High-Performance Consulting full time (today)

I was thinking a lot about this list in the last year. There are many points of success but also many points of failure here. I’ll be honest, looking at it doesn’t make me comfortable lol… so why am I sharing it with you? I’m writing it for anyone that’s been in a similar position and still searching around for what they want to do in life.

You see, the truth is that there are people who know what they need and want to do from the get-go, but if you look at most people, this isn’t the case.

It takes trial and error, understanding, maturity, depth, and a strong will to find the one thing you can shine with.

It takes a sacrifice of everything that doesn’t serve you.

If presented with an option to go back and change things, I don’t think I would. As much as there’s probably tons of time wasted during these years and lots of confusion and lack of clarity, I’ve still gained invaluable skills and experience which can’t be translated to any monetary aspect or quantifiable metric.

I really can’t go in depth to how much I’ve learned about human nature, sales, marketing, teaching, high performance, psychology, and the mind going through all these experiences – especially in the military, and in various low points – as quitting a uni degree I just signed up for (Math, what was I thinking lol), and then coming back up and going into uni again pursuing a field I want to master.

I won’t go into how much it hurt when a project I’ve invested 8 months of my life, lots of money, energy, and hope failed miserably. To how many days and nights of hard work and learning were needed to get my web-design business off the ground, and also writing. These things are worth to me more than having a straight line if it makes sense.

That’s the beauty of experience, it’s gained through pain, and you wouldn’t necessarily want to go through the experience that helped you gain it again… but you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

1.5 years ago, as I was looking back at this list, I could tell that the one thing I never stopped doing and being passionate about is writing, practicing my skills, reading, and learning – specifically, psychology, mastery, performance, and the mind. I always kept learning new ways to optimize myself and reach mastery, and I always kept writing – poems, short stories, insights, ideas, summaries, concepts, and 2 long novels (that suck) – but have been a great practice for my chops.

At this point, I might have written more than 1 million words in total and 10,000 hours of Deep Flow work. Maybe even more. This was due to the fact I knew I had to practice a lot and also learn self-optimization, and perform at the top level every day and time I possibly had if I wanted to succeed in my craft and my path.

So back to 1.5 years ago, I got to a point where my web design business was doing well in the background, and I had a big run financially with an early crypto investment that year, and finally had the clarity that helped me go all in a direction I’m fully committed to till this day.

looking back and seeing the connections

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.” – Steve Jobs

As I look back, everything makes sense. Everything I’ve done, read, learned, and practiced led me in the direction of where I am now and where I know I should be, writing daily, studying psychology, consulting clients on Limitless Performance methods for their own businesses, and so forth.

Call it destiny, life’s task, calling, etc… Don’t know how this works but I just know it does. Now, I’m telling you this to show you it wasn’t a linear path – it took years of exploration and understanding, but I know it could have been done much quicker if I had someone to share this clarity like I’m doing with you here. I’m not “done” whatsoever, but I am 100x more aligned with my True Self and Life’s task than even 1 year ago, and this is all due to exponential returns. Remember, life isn’t a linear journey.

I want to share a practical tip to help you find your purpose. I want to show you how you can turn your past experience into your greatest asset.

Start with this exercise:

  1. Take out a pen and paper
  2. Write down your life’s landmarks
  3. Write in detail what you gained from it, what you didn’t like about it
  4. What experiences stand out? What are things you love doing and would never give up on?
  5. Is there anything there you can see yourself doing, whether as a hobby or professionally, for the rest of your life?

Now think about it, is there any recurring theme going on throughout your life? Maybe you’ve always been good with gadgets\electronics, maybe you have special way to deal with conflict.. Etc – search for the string that ties everything together.

Drawing from a vast pool of experiences

One of the things that makes a person interesting and wise is having a wide range of experiences and interests to draw from.

Kind of like the renaissance man, who has many branches of knowledge and expertise to rely upon.

As Plato said – “He who is only an athlete is too crude, too vulgar, too much a savage. He who is a scholar only is too soft, to effeminate. The ideal citizen is the scholar-athlete, the man of thought and the man of action.”

You can switch athlete and scholar with basically anything, but you get the overall theme of this.

The Soldier/Scholar/Citizen is a strong theme in the ancient philosopher’s work and also in my life. This is because living in a state of mind of connectivity, of being a multi-faceted being can only benefit you.

I strongly believe that you do want to have that one craft, one master sword you can heavily rely upon when needed, but a few more daggers and swords to help you adapt and thrive in combat in the modern environment, which is ever-changing and more sophisticated than ever. (Ai, Social media Technology, rapid macro-economic and political changes, and trends)

For this to happen, you need to try lots of things. Especially if you’re very young and clueless.

“Fuck around and find out”, you literally have nothing to lose. Try things out, but be quick to drop them if they suck. Once you feel that strong grip pulling you in a direction, and feel as if you’ve landed on something good – then you can go all in turbo mode into your field of expertise – while gently kindling the small embers of your desires that may be burning elsewhere.

It’s an iteration game more than anything else.

Look at Robert Greene for example, the author of 48 laws of power, Mastery, Laws of human nature, and so forth. The man only started writing his books in his 30s. Do you know what he attributes his success to? Working in more than 80 jobs in the past, like in hotels, restaurants, construction, editing, and so forth…

There are many more examples of people who “fumbled around”… there are also many examples of people who had a strong paved purpose from their teens. Really, there’s no one way to succeed – but the one that is suitable for you.

Now, I’m not saying you need to spend your whole 20s and 30s working on millions of different things. Far from that.

If you have a chief aim from early on then – FOCUS, GO HARD. GO ALL IN AND CONQUER. (a bit on how to do so later down this letter)

The key point I’m trying to convey is to have the wits, sharpness, and conviction to switch when you feel this isn’t IT.

I could have graduated with a degree in math today if I hadn’t pulled the plug early. I could have still been working in sales if I wouldn’t figure it’s not my path. I could have still been building websites (which I still love doing) if I wasn’t following my stronger calling.

Now, all of the paths above are respectable, prestigious, and valuable – yet if they’re not for you… they’re worth nothing. That’s what you need to understand and grasp on your path to purpose.

“And what about money? How will I make it?” you might be asking.. well, money, when you’re doing something you’re good at, love doing, and people love, let’s just say it flows to you naturally, and in abundance. It becomes harder not to make money when you are focused on your purpose and serving others. * (this is a simplification, there needs to be a strategy in place, tactics, and maneuvers, though this is the big picture)

Self-belief and confidence

For you to really find the path you want to walk on, there must be 3 conditions met first:

  1. You have a strong belief that there is the right path out there
  2. You have the confidence to try things out
  3. You have the self-belief to eventually pursue your own path

If you’re looking for 100% security and confidence, I don’t think you should go your own path. It’s more dangerous. It’s more painful. It’s more unpredictable.

But then again, what other path gives you 100% security in life? I’d argue nothing does.

Yet, let’s be real, working for a company is more secure and comfortable. Don’t buy the guru’s bs who tell you it’s less safe because you only have 1 client lol.

If you’re smart about it, you can get very high-paying jobs and have much less on your shoulders to carry – but sacrifice more time and energy on a cause that may not be aligned with you.

Entrepreneurship vs Working in a job – is a question only you can answer. If you have it in your blood, you’ll already know it. From the age of 10, I told my parents I don’t want to work for a company, so there you have it.

I think it needs to come from a strong burning desire to make it work no matter what, or else you’ll end up in tons of self-doubt. When the decision is made, you need to have self-belief and determination.

“I will find a way” type of mindset.

Finding your “why”

Finding your purpose is a lot about finding your “why”. Yes, writing can be a purpose, but why are you writing, is there any grand overarching theme, or perhaps you just love doing it?

I’m not here to judge what’s wrong or right. That’s for another discussion.

To me, a purpose that is both Self-driven and Selfless-driven is the golden route. If it’s only based on one side of the spectrum, it might lead you to a lack of balance.

Your why will serve you when the path isn’t clear, when the road isn’t truly paved, and when you feel as if you reached your limits.

That is when the WHY will show you, there really are no limits. They are only a fabrication of your own mind. You are the only one who can remove the limits and ascend to the next level.

Why is your Purpose so important?

The thing about Purpose that is important in and of itself is that you need it to gain clarity about your general direction, vision, what is important to you, and how you want to lead and conduct your life.

Imagine having a vision without purpose… for example – you have the vision to become one of the top real estate businessmen in the world.

Let’s say Person A’s purpose is – to make the most money possible

Person B’s purpose is to help people get access to quality and affordable housing.

Person A is doing it only for the money. He doesn’t care too much about the people he will serve or the craft, he just wants to get rich quickly.

Person B is doing this because as a child he didn’t have it easy. His family moved a lot because of housing prices and he had to switch schools more than 4 times. He wants to make sure other people don’t have to go through this again.

Who is more likely to succeed and gain the support of thousands, if not millions of people around the world?

Likely to succeed may be questioned, but gain support from people – clearly Person B.

The thing is that if so many people support your cause, you’re probably more likely to succeed as there is a strong correlation between the two.

Person A is only self-driven, which makes him selfish, and less aware of the pains of the people he serves… which makes them less likely to connect with him and as a consequence, he is less likely to succeed in the longer time horizon.

I hope this illustrates why your purpose is of utmost importance in your journey in life.

The keys to becoming successful

Sometimes you might look at others who are succeeding and wonder what’s different between you and them. You may feel stuck, paralyzed, or that’s too far away from you.

I argue you are between 3-6 months of achieving a MAJOR breakthrough if you have the clarity and desire to do so.

Here is the blueprint to do so:

  1. Have a clear goal
  2. Create a clear plan to execute it and track yourself
  3. Carve your schedule to create deep work and flow opportunities
  4. Commit to the goal and remove doubt, stress, anxiety, and procrastination from the equation
  5. Learn the Physical + Mental + Spiritual skills and tools to ascend on the path
  6. Become organized, methodic, and systematic, and make your success predictable
  7. Master your mind, your body, and your Self to ascend to higher levels
  8. Have a 10-year vision driven by purpose
  9. Direct your environment to serve your purpose and vision
  10. Commit to your path completely and remove all distractions

If you do the above, with a proven system and constantly seek to improve your performance – you’ll get to your goals.

The problems I’ve seen the most when working with clients on high performance? Lack of clarity, doubts, stress, tons of distractions and shiny object syndrome, Lack of systems, lack of deep work and ability to get into Flow and concentrate. No chief aim, chasing too much, and having unrealistic expectations.

But once implementing the system, the blueprint I presented above?

Results skyrocketed.

One of my clients who is a Fitness coach made exponential leaps and is now signing up higher ticket clients, has complete clarity on what needs to be done next in his business and has a 10-year plan to execute and reach his goals. Deep work and flow are easy for him, and he’s able to get more done, stress less, have fewer doubts, and build his practice for more fulfilled clients and success:

caption for image

Another one of my latest clients experienced a 2x growth in her business output (measured), immense clarity on the direction of the business, Gets more done in far less time, and has a clear system to track it all while seeing the metrics such as new connections, work done, and social media growth just keep climbing:

caption for image

These transformations are all based on simple yet effective strategies and frameworks of high performance – mental tools, and psychologically proven methods that can be implemented in your business and professional life in a matter of 3 months – that will skyrocket the growth of your business, while reducing the time you work on it – simple as that.

Success and high performance in your business and professional life isn’t guesswork – it’s a system based on your unique psychological makeup and one that can be replicated.

You don’t need to lose time to the lack of clarity you’re currently experiencing or wait to burn out while grinding 16 hours a day to discover that my methods really do work.

All you got to do now is simply get on a call with me and if you’re a good fit for my high-performance program we will get you these results so you can achieve more in less time, without the stress, procrastination or doubt.  Get on a free discovery call with me here 

If there are no available times for you, reply to this email and we will schedule manually.

Hope you enjoyed this letter and see you in the next one!


Aaron | Limitless Reader

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