Ever wondered how children are always in a state of curiosity, creativity, and joy?
Did you know you can unlock this special state as an adult, and
live in your own heaven on earth? This state is Potential Space.

Read on to learn more about this state and how you can enter it at will.

As children, we have all lived in the highest state of being, the state of “Potential Space”.
The potential Space is the point where fantasy and reality merge.
A place where the unknown and surprising live together in harmony.
The potential space is when a child plays with dolls and dresses them up, or imagines he rides an imaginary horse to the sunset.

It’s a place where you can hold both reality and fantasy at the same time.
As we grow up we start getting into the potential state far less often, and this makes our lives more rigid and less awe-striking.
We lose that ability because we are busier, distracted, and afraid – more than ever in the modern world. Like many things, this is often a spectrum. If you stay completely in the fantasy world, you will enter a world of delusion and madness. If you are 100% in reality, you will experience a very dull life.

The Potential Space is the exact combination of the two -> The sweet spot between delusion and reality

Ok, but what are the benefits of living in the Potential Space?

The potential space allows for deep exploration of your mind, thoughts, and experiences.
It’s a place of no judgment where you can ultimately live on your own terms.
Most inventions, ideas, and breakthroughs happen through living in the state of potential space, or as it’s also called transitional space.

  • We all have times when the borders of reality and fantasy blend:
  • Going to the movies
  • Reading a fiction book
  • Listening to certain music
  • Playing games
  • Imagining
  • Arts, music, creating, and writing

These states of being are deeply connected to our ability to be in the potential space. It’s a place of complete play, where all borders are melted.
When you allow your adult self to let go from time to time and submerge in an experience completely, you are allowing big room for great change to happen.
You are allowing a state of no judgment and a place of deep healing.
The potential space allows you to create a new life order for yourself and explore possibilities that you do not consider in your daily routine.
Most adults find it hard to enter this playful, creative state of being, and truly let themselves go.

Some of the reasons you can look for in yourself:

  • Shyness
  • Past Trauma
  • Ridicule
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Shame
  • Physical needs not being met
  • Taking yourself to seriously
  • There are more but these are the main ones.

In order to live a life that is fully inspirational and abundant, you want to tap into your playful, creative, and curious states without judgment.

Here are some ways which will help you get into the potential space and experience a sense of pure enlightenment and joy:

Play with children

You will immediately be submerged in the fantasy world that a child creates effortlessly.
Their joy and love are radiating very strongly and it will allow you to go into the potential space easily.

Live Without Judgment

This one is hard, but the less you judge others, the easier it will become for you to live in a world of imagination and creativity. Judgment is robbing you of joy. You are looking for what’s wrong in the world instead of enjoying the present moment. It’s such a gift to be able to see people as they are, and when you judge them, you are essentially bringing those negative feelings upon yourself.

Take Life Less Seriously

Let go of small things that are not worthy of your worry.
The more you are happy and calm about life, the more magical it becomes and you will have
more potential space.

Create And Consume Great Art

Any creation, whether it’s music, painting, writing, acting, etc’ is one of the purest places of creativity.
Creating and consuming art is strongly tied to your ability to imagine and bring your’s and others’ work to life.

Potential Space as a Way of Life

Remember that our purpose as humans is to live, love, play, create, connect, and build together.
We have a bigger purpose than completing arbitrary goals. There is no end goal. It’s the goal you set your mind to and makes you happy.
If you give yourself permission to live more fully, it will help you live MORE.
Life is a magical experience that you get the opportunity to experience at every moment.
The potential space is a place of great exploration and discovery, go into it more often to
remember who you truly are inside yourself…
And that life is worth living.

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