1. Destroy your limiting beliefs

Your limiting beliefs are holding you in place.
I can’t do it…
What if I’m not smart enough…
I won’t succeed…
Start doing without expectations. Life rewards those who take action.

2. Develop your passions

Your passion and love for what you do will make the difference between mediocre to extraordinary work.
The greatest creations were made out of passion, not purely for money or fame.

3. Find your purpose

Your life will change when you find your purpose.
When you realize the great things you were brought to create in this world, it will get much easier to act towards it.

4. Exercise daily

Our bodies crave physical activity.
If you can even go for just a short walk every day it will vastly improve your quality of life.
Make exercise a priority and a way of living.

5. Meditate

Train your mind to become powerful and grounded.
Meditation will allow you to unlock your deepest state of being and achieve great clarity of
thoughts and wisdom.

6. Read the greatest books

The greatest books in the world hold infinite wisdom, that has been validated by generations of readers and learners.
Practice the art of reading to level up your thoughts daily. Why you should read the classics.

7. Meet like-minded people

The journey to ascension cannot be completed alone.
Gather true friends around you to support and enhance the shared journey together.

8. Prepare for opportunity

Always be ready for the opportunity.
When the right one comes along, you will strike the hardest – and you will win.
Fail to prepare and opportunities will never find you.

9. Be consistent

Consistency is the only variable you can control.
You will have hard days, bad days, days you will want to quit.
But you will be consistent and push yourself to excel.

10. Believe in the power of change

The butterfly was once a caterpillar.
The beautiful swan was once a duckling.
The only constant in the universe is changing.
Believe in the forces of change, and let them carry you higher to your destination.

11. Become abundant

The world is full of abundance, prosperity, and joy.
The choice of viewing the world as such is yours.
There is endless abundance for you to tap into, and participate with.
Share, give, create, the more you give, the more will come back to you.

12. Find true partners and friends

All of your friends will be there during the good times.
Only your true friends will be there in the bad times.
Identify your TRUE friends, and cherish them.

13. Invest for your future

Invest what you can for your future.
More importantly, invest in yourself, in assets, and in education.
Build a great foundation for growth that will support you in the good times and when the going gets tough.

14. Fight for a better cause

Decide what’s worth fighting for in your life… and more importantly – what not.
The true warrior is the one who knows which fights to pick

15. Ignore the haters

There may be haters along the way. Ignore them, not everyone will agree with you and that’s fine.
Don’t let toxic people get to you – remember, they are hurting, they are jealous, and every second you spend on them will drain your energy.

16. Enjoy your life to the fullest

Life is here and now.
Make it a priority to embrace life with both hands, do what you love, and be with people who
make you happy.
Remember- Whatever you don’t like about your life can be changed.

• • •

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This is the personal code that I live by.

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