If you arrived here I believe you are already on the right path to build wealth in your life.

I assume that because I believe the road to building wealth and prosperity in life is through learning new things and having new experiences. I will go into how to build wealth over time in much depth through this article and throughout this blog.

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Building and gaining wealth in life is one of the most desirable goals, that is sought after by many driven people from all over the world, from all backgrounds, countries, and age groups.

Actually, the pursuit of a full and rich life both materially and mentally is in my belief one of the greatest virtues one can aim for.

Some people think that getting wealthy, healthy, and happy is a selfish goal, and based only around money and materialism- I want to tell you that these people are far from the truth in my opinion. It is your right to learn how to build wealth and enjoy more time in life.

Wealth and success aren’t tied just to money. Money is a byproduct of delivering value.

Building a beautiful and wealthy life means you can have more time and resources to help your family, friends, and community.

This effect goes such a long way, as one small act of kindness passes on to the other, and with all that positive energy a better world lies on the other end.

Striving to build wealth in life isn’t just about owning many houses, cars or throwing pool parties.

It is about deep value and meaning in life and growing as a human being.

Making your life richer is a journey and a never-ending process so it is never too late to start, the same as there is never a place to end in.

And that’s why I am glad you are reading this today, taking the best of your time to educate yourself in this subject and starting or perhaps continuing the road to a wealthy and happy life – which I will elaborate more on in this article.

How to build wealth
The road to wealth

The Road To Wealth

So as I mentioned earlier, some of you might just wonder, hey where is the end of this “road to wealth” actually?

Well, as I said, I don’t think there is really a place in time where one can feel his journey is over. I just know that it begins in learning How to build wealth in life.

There is always a new place to go, a goal to aim for, another mountain to climb. But don’t let this discourage you in any way actually.

That means that the Road to wealth can be exactly what you make of it. It’s not some standard invented by society or some kind of rule that you need to have a beach house in 5 different countries or a sports car collection.

Wealth first begins within your mind. No amount of money in the world can buy you good health or time with your loved ones.

A wealthy life is a life you can admire, and love to live. It’s a life where you are happy and feeling wholesome. Material wealth such as money, real estate, cars, and so on is just one component of such a life. They are definitely great things to have and can make life much easier and comfortable. But they are not everything.

I do believe you should strive to gain those things for yourself, I am not against it. Though what I am suggesting is that living just for material things can make you feel empty and nervous.

Believe me, I have felt this way many times in my life. The media and popular culture made us believe that money equals success, and to keep comparing ourselves to friends and people we know.

That’s ok, it’s perfectly normal, and you don’t need to feel bad about that. Eventually, just try to remember that money, and as a result – wealth and material objects are obtained in one way – when you bring value to other people’s lives. That’s a core part of learning how to build wealth – understand that without value there is nothing.

Eventually, the things you remember and cherish in life are your experiences, and the people you had great moments with.

A general Roadmap to Wealth

When we start looking at it from a birds-eye, The road to build wealth is actually pretty simple.

Take notice when I am saying simple, I don’t mean it is easy in any way – we are just trying to break it down to a predictable and logical process.

These are the basic principles to help us on our road to wealth-

  • It’s not a straight line
  • We need to enjoy the process, the journey itself
  • Mastering a skill\profession in life will take us a long way
  • Providing value is the greatest way to accumulate wealth in life
  • If we are not having fun , or losing our health, it’s just not worth it.
  • We need to keep learning, and keep on asking questions

Bonus tip – Experiences with friends and family are priceless

So we can safely say, we actually covered a few of the core principles of the road to wealth. We have now laid down the foundations of learning how to build wealth.

I bet you believe me now when I say – it’s pretty simple, just not so easy. But that’s fine because everything worthwhile in life is something you put hard work and investment into. Your time, your strength, and your motivation.

So, What are Possible ways to get wealthy in life?

As we already know wealth has many faces. We will start by covering the material side of wealth, as it might be the most straightforward aspect of wealth.

How to build wealth over time
Working on something you love is a blessing

1. Your Career Choice- The most obvious way you can build and get wealth in life is your career choices and your ways of maximizing your career path for the best gains.

For example, if you decide to pursue a career in engineering your raw potential and starting point for making a great living is higher than a liberal arts graduate. That starting point might be higher than a nonacademic career field.

Your career determines so much of your future wealth not only because of the monetary aspect, but also because of your passion in this field, and the amount of satisfaction you will get in the process.

 Whatever your career choice will be, you need to take into consideration if you will be able to do that craft for many hours a day, and if the environment of that job suits you.

Maybe you hate sitting in front of a desk all day, so an office job won’t suit you. Or maybe you don’t like working at night, so a job with over-the-clock shifts won’t be a great match.

Overall I believe that passion for the field is greater than the starting levels of salary in that career. If you have a true passion and love for your field, Over time you will be able to make a much higher salary\ earnings than working in a job that sucks your soul and makes you miserable.

Also remember that as a wealthy person your career might be just one stop in time. Most wealthy people build many sources of income, more than 5, and some much more than that.

Your career can also be a way for you to create a business that solves new problems in a field you love. More on that in the next point. For now, always make sure you are making big career decisions because of true interest and passion and not just out of monetary goals.

How to build wealth over time

2. Running a business- Running a successful business is hard, but a very fulfilling mission in life. In fact, running a successful business is one of the surest and quickest ways to get wealthy in life.

It comes with no surprise as the main goal of a business is to provide deep value to other people, and actually solve a problem for them.

When you find something that you are good at, and can help solve real problems for people – your business will never run out of work. People are willing to pay great sums of money just to get their most painful problems solved, to get better at something. In a way, you are helping them to build their wealth by saving them time. And as the saying goes – time=money.

To feel joy, to get rid of “pain points” and to feel better with themselves. If you manage to find one thing that ticks that for your customers, you will gain their loyalty, respect and they will be happy to pay you for your solutions.

Think about your business as a way to enhance other people’s lives – that makes a great business stand out from the bad ones.

Most successful and wealthy people understood that they need to address these exact points and in that process, they made billions in revenue.

Think about amazon, google, and apple. These top level companies solve so much of our daily problems that they are now worldwide known names – big and strong as countries.

And I believe they are here to stay because they never stop innovating, and they always listen to their customers and that makes them stay loyal. That’s how you need to look at your business and make it count.

3. Investments – The really wealthy people in life know this one thing – you need to invest your money in order to grow your wealth. There is not a single person who is wealthy that doesn’t invest his money in some ways.

There are so many ways and paths to invest your money in, like Real estate, stocks, bonds, expensive Metals, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and more. Investing might seem scary and I definitely understand that.

No one is born with knowledge about what is a good investment and what is a risky or a straight bad one – but with time and learning you can learn how to make your money work for you, and grow your wealth over time.

I want to emphasize that I am not talking about trading here.

There is a big difference between trading (usually in stocks) and investing – and I believe for most people investing your money is the better, safer, and most profitable in the long run.

One of the wealthiest and best value investors in the world- warren buffet is known for investing in companies that in his opinion are currently undervalued, buying their shares in a large sum, and just holding that stock for years letting it appreciate in value and making great returns on his investments.

Investments might not make you rich in a day or year, but if you are consistent and patient, choose your investments wisely and plan carefully, you will achieve great results that would be very hard to get otherwise.

One last thing – I want to say that I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage you to do your own research on the topic and maybe even talk with a certified advisor before investing large amounts of money.

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.” -Warren Buffet

4. Startups and inventing – Another great way to build and generate great wealth is inventing something new – be it new technology, like tesla who made electric cars affordable and attractive, or the iPhone by apple which changed the way we use our phone.

Innovation can also manifest in a new system – like McDonald’s fast-food chain which was a very innovative system when delivering food to people almost without waiting times.

It is true that inventing something new to this world is not an easy task, but most of the time inventions happen by a true need the inventor recognized, a real problem that had to be solved.

If you think about why we invent things in the first place, it is quite simple. You have a problem, you search for a great solution that doesn’t exist yet (or works poorly) and you create a new great product or service. The whole point of Startups and inventing is that they deeply rely on the value they provide, and when that value proposition is so good and new – it means endless possibilities.

Imagine creating a product so unique, that you are the one and only person\company in the world that can deliver it. That puts you in an amazing position to generate wealth and value for people around the world.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

When people spot value, in something that makes their life easier, better, or solves a great problem for them they will immediately be more than willing to pay for that, especially if it is a rare and unique solution.

That’s just how the world works, and why startups have been gaining so much attention in this modern age. It works because problems are becoming harder and harder to solve, and each problem is becoming much more unique.

True innovative power is the source of all creation in our world. We are all creators in some way or another.

The thing to take from here is to try and listen to people about real problems and start thinking about how you can solve them in some way. When you learn how to help people in a meaningful way you are on your fast way to gaining wealth and fulfilling life.

Always search for new ways to innovate and create value

5. Grabbing opportunities – This one item on this list of ways to build wealth is truly a game-changer. You see, life tends to show us so many opportunities that we usually just ignore. Most of us are so busy with our day-to-day tasks and problems that we won’t notice a good opportunity even if it was laid right in front of us.

Every day new things happen, and new ideas are created and all we have to do is keep an open mind for receiving them.

I believe that we all have the ability to identify good ideas and learn to pursue them.

Maybe you hear about a great new company that is solving a problem in a unique way and you can invest in that company. Or you might learn about a new field where you can use your current skills to excel there and be an early adopter in that field.

There is always some risks involved in pursuing new ideas but usually to get an edge in life you need to have some risk tolerance.

I’m not saying you should go ahead and bet on risky projects or pursue shady activities.

I am suggesting you try and open your mind to new experiences, and let go of crippling fear.

Maybe your great opportunity is laid right ahead of you and you were so busy with life. Some of the wealthiest people found a way forward through places they least expected.

Why Should you build wealth in life?

How to build wealth slowly but surely
Small and consistent steps are the surest way to achieve anything

You might be wondering right now if it takes so much time and energy to become wealthy – why should I even want that?

Maybe not starting this journey is for the better.

And in some ways many people are not built to do these things, to play smart, and to grind day today.

But remember one thing- that my idea of wealth is a wholesome approach and I will explain why I think you should go through this process.

  • Owning your time – Your time is your most expensive asset. Time you spent can never be brought back, not with money or wealth. It is the single thing in the world you truly own and can fully control how you spend it.

    Owning your time is the greatest motivator in the world to build a wealthy life, one you can control and shape in your way. The more time you have, the more things you can do and create, and in a beautiful feedback loop – make more wealth to have more time.

    When you have more time you can use it to make the world a better place, and create even more value for the people. Owning your own time is the biggest gift one can have and you should treat your time just like that.

  • Security and comfort- Living a wealthy and happy life can give you great security and comfort. You can always have a place to live, food to eat and medical care in case you need it.
    When you have this confidence in life, you have a much better starting point to begin with. Like in Maslows pyramid of needs you can start and pursue higher degrees of satisfaction with life like self-fulfillment and advancement of society.

  • More opportunities and options in life –lets admit it, when you are leading a wealthy life you can get access to better chances and opportunities. When you are able to find these chances more easily it makes life much more enjoyable and interesting.

    That’s not to say you cannot pursue the same options when you do not have wealth or power, but it tends to become easier when you do. You have more time, you have more money and better connections , and your impact can become much larger and that is a great thing to have in life.

  • Helping family , friends and society– Building wealth can help you provide a better life for your family and yourself. You could first of all take care of all your physical needs like a house, food and medical care.

    In addition to that you could encourage family members to pursue better education, sports, music lessons – and help them too invest in their future.

    There is so much value in helping your family and friends. You can give them the gift of knowledge and encouragement from a person they admire, and by that make yourself valuable to someone.

    When you help people in life your great deeds move on with them, and they may help more people later on. With one person you have helped the whole world become a much better place to live in.

Time is your greatest asset and should be used wisely

Why you Shouldn’t try to build wealth in life?

Creating abundance in life
Greed isn’t a healthy way to live

Well, some people approach building wealth as equal to gaining money and set that as their main goal. Though I can’t judge or condemn that, I have a different opinion in that matter.

I believe that for many people even a bit more money could be a life-changing experience – and that is not the kind of people I am considering here. When we are above our basic needs, I am aiming to explain that for you to grow wealthy money should not be the first motivator.

The first motivator, as I said along with this article many times is to provide VALUE. Yes, I understand that I might sound like a broken record by now, but there are many different nuances to this point and it’s important to get it right.

Some of the reasons you shouldn’t be pursuing wealth\money\fame –

  • You think money will make you happier – Old but gold saying. Money can make you an amazing, faboulus , comfy easy and secure life – but it can never ever buy you happiness. Even if you manage to build wealth with this mindset I am not sure you will be happy in the end.

    I know some of you truly and heartfully believe it will, and if you only have this and that *Insert amount* of money , You will vanish your problems.

    The truth is that the moment you get used to that money, any problems you have with yourself, your family, your friends aren’t going to magically go away. Its okay to want money, and to love money and pursue it.

    I am the last person to tell you money is bad. I just want you to acknowledge that happiness is a choice in any given time and money should never be an indicator for your happiness.
  • You don’t care about Value – If you don’t care for what value you provide to other people, and you cant explain why people should trust you to help them in any way.. it will be very hard to get to a point where you have a wealthy life.

    Remember, deep value is the reason people will want to use your services, products advice and so on. And that is how you can create wealth in life
  • You don’t care about people – Gone are the days when companies, and corporates treated consumers and people they served in a bad way. Today people want to feel a real connection and authentichity and that means you have to care about what people want and help them get there.

Living in abundance Mentality

One of the things that will help you live in a happy and wealthy state of mind, is acknowledging how abundant your life is.

When you start to see how much abundance wealth and joy there is in life, all of those things will continue coming into your life much faster and in a stronger way. We are all surrounded by so much wealth, and it seems that sometimes its very easy to forget it.

For example, take a look at a simple apple. Just try and think about all the energy taken to bring a single apple to you from the moment it was a tiny seed and into your house.

It had to be planted by a farmer, the tree had to grow for a few years, all the while the farmer kept taking care of it. After the apples have grown it had to be picked and transferred to a packaging factory.

Then it had to be shipped to the nearest supermarket near you and afterward held in store for you to purchase. And that is just a single apple. Think how much wealth the world has to offer you, without you even noticing.

The air you breathe, the sunshine, water, food. Notice how many houses are near your living area. If you count all of the houses in your city or country, you will understand how much money and wealth is out there in the world. And maybe what you are aiming for is even not a tiny fraction of it.

When you think of it that way, living in abundance becomes much easier.

Living a happy life with happy thoughts will radiate all that energy to the world. And this energy is explosive. When you can bring really great energy out there to into other people’s lives things start flowing and coming back your way, in a good way.

  • learn to enjoy the small things in life
  • Practice good health and a clean diet
  • Understand that wealth and joy is everywhere at anytime

Abundance is all around us in life, and as soon as we realize it we can begin to notice and attract it

Live in passion and wealth will follow

Live with passion
Your passion in life is like a flame – feed it and it will grow

Living in passion is another aspect of living a wealthy life. Passionate people tend to make things happen, and use their passion in a good direction. Without passion, you will not be able to build wealth. Without passion, it will be hard to build anything.

When you can create something that you are passionate about it you will be able to convince other people much easier for why it’s worth their time, and you will be able to be proud in your way.

many times in life people just prefer to go with something that is profitable but doesn’t fuel them with passion.

You might be able to convince yourself for a while that it’s the best way for you to live, but eventually, your energy will be sucked away and you will start feeling emptiness.

It might not be easy living your passion day today, and many people will give up on it after the first few stones on the road. But nothing worth doing is easy, and the things that come fast are not always the most satisfying.

And you might be surprised at how much your attitude can manifest so much of your success and happiness in your daily life.

Have a Vision and set goals

How to build wealth in life
Have a clear vision with set goals

As we are coming to the last section of this article, it’s important to remember that to achieve a wealthy and worthwhile life you need to have great focus and goals.

Set aside time to envision your perfect life, plan a strategy for yourself to achieve it, and set reasonable goals to mark your journey. I elaborate a lot more on how to create an amazing vision and setting the right goals in another article here.

Basically, you want to start by setting the large landmark goals first.

After that listen to yourself and learn to identify small bite-sized goals that you can achieve in the short term, each one helping you get closer to the big ones.

Celebrate the small successes as well as the large ones, and learn that failure is a great opportunity to learn and adapt on the way to build wealth.

Final words.

Well, if you’ve made it here I truly thank you. You are definitely made of the material that makes legends and true success stories.

Sometimes, you might wonder – what if I don’t make it, or if you are wrong.

That’s okay because I want to tell you everyone feels that in some way or another. But the greatest thing to do is to keep going and get yourself out there, because if you never try you never know.

You can’t predict the future and you don’t know if things will succeed before they do if it was that way there would be absolutely 0 problems in the world and everything was perfect. But life isn’t perfect – and that is what makes it interesting and fun.

That is what makes winning feel so good and successfully pursued. And that is why you should celebrate every small success and every little achievement – and in the end, there is no way you do not achieve a wealthy life, because remember – it all starts, and ends with a positive mind and enjoying the journey. Start to build your wealth with baby steps and it will grow exponentially.

I want to thank you for reading my article about building wealth and encourage you to leave a comment about your opinion on the subject.

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