Jumping from a plane

When I was in the military as part of my advanced training I had to parachute from a plane without a guide.

In 5 days we were trained from Zero to Hero – and on the 6th day, I jumped from a plane only with a parachute, with no guide, never having done this before.

How was it possible?

The human body and mind have no limits. It truly doesn’t – this is something most people believe they understand, but you can only grasp this fact through concrete experience.

As we entered the training camp, we were “tortured” for 5 days. My body never hurt so much from the training.

At the time I went into this advanced training, I was already an experienced commander and I had soldiers of my own – yet in this special training you become a rookie again, and you’re treated as one just as much. Coming from that position, gives your ego a big hit.

You walk in silence, in a line with the other soldiers, and the discipline is almost higher than in boot camp. This has to be done in order to ensure you will learn the necessary procedures.

After all, you’re going to jump from a fucking plane in 5 days.

The camp is like a horror movie amusement park with devices meant to train you for the jump and for the landing. Day in and day out they train (torture lol) you – from 6 am in the morning to 11 pm at night.

Why’s that?

When the body and mind are tired, the spirit comes out to carry it. You begin to act automatically. The mind has no more energy to think, fear, or talk you out of it.

You become an execution machine that has to perform and push yourself to your limits.

This is what pushing yourself outside your limits feels like. Your logical, rational mind knows you are about to do something that isn’t “necessary” for your survival. There is nothing logical about jumping from a plane, especially without a guide, for the first time in your life.

There is nothing logical about doing so after only 5 days of training. Absolutely zero logic or rationality behind it, yet here you are.

So in this training, you are essentially being brainwashed into believing, rather than becoming the perfect parachuter. (Brainwashing and programming are powerful techniques you can use on yourself and when mastered, can be applied to conquer any domain. I talk about it in the Subconscious Inception method inside the Subconscious Architect)

There’s no doubt that 5 days will not make you the best or perfect parachuter, but these 5 intense days can surely help you believe that you’re good enough to do it.

The physical training was rigorous and painful, physically. Your body is shredded into pieces to learn the landing procedure properly, which is actually the most dangerous part where many people break legs, arms, and ribs.

During those 5 days, a lot of people quit. They just can’t handle the mental and physical pressure. The long training days, the painful machines, and most of all – the mental leap they must take, to take the actual leap of faith.

The D-Day

Then, when D-day comes, you’re ready. You wake up at 4 am, gather your equipment, and board the plane.

Where laughter and jokes were, there is suddenly a cutting silence. An air of pressure in the air.

Everyone suddenly realizes it is real. You’re on a plane, in the middle of the sky, about to make a jump for your life – you either win or die. Literally.

Your whole senses are awakened – there’s no time to think of anything but be in the moment. Adrenaline is at its peak. Your mind is razor sharp and the energy is palpable.

We reach the desired location and altitude – and one by one people begin to jump.

The sight of a person jumping from a door in the plane isn’t something you can logically grasp. The guides give you a slight push and off you go.

3… 2… 1… You jumped. You open your eyes to see that the parachute has opened. God bless.

If it hadn’t, you have about 2-3 seconds to open the reserve or you’re heading like a missile to the ground.

Now there are only around 30 seconds until you hit the ground. Senses on. Alertness at its highest. Peak adrenaline.

There is terror mixed with awe as you look and see the marvelous view from above.

Then the ground is getting closer and closer… You start preparing for contact – until eventually your legs hit the ground and you perform the landing technique you’ve trained for hundreds of times during the past few days.

You’ve landed. 6 days of ecstasy have come to an end, and your body literally crashes. You’ve done it.

You’ve conquered the fear of heights, one of the most primal human fears.

You’ve conquered fear itself.

The fears you have in life

Fear of failure, Fear of Success, Fear of poverty, Fear of old age, Fear of social interactions

and so forth

We all have a certain fear in our lives we must conquer. Fear is the illusion we may someday have control over everything.

If we have fear of failure, we subconsciously believe one day we can eliminate all possibilities of failure from our lives. (I talk about how to identify the root cause of your fears and release it for good in further depth inside The Subconscious Architect)

This is the root of all fear. “If I someday get this I will never have to be afraid again”

It’s also very relevant in fear of poverty – “If I only had $1m I would never have to worry about money again” – the problem with this mindset is that you will find something to fear even if you get the money.

Even if you got a $1m check tomorrow, you’ll get back to your fear. You’ll start worrying about losing the money. You might create negative situations with the money, or spend it recklessly due to your misaligned beliefs about it.

This is because you haven’t dealt with the root cause of the fear.

Where do your fears come from?

The root cause of your fear is highly individual.

It can trace back to earlier in your life, even back to childhood, and cause you to replay the same scenarios in your life again and again.

Perhaps you’ve grown up in a family without much money – it is then likely you experienced many negative emotions around money, experienced lack in certain cases, and had this big fear hanging above your head at all times.

This fear may cause you to play it safe as an adult, be frugal, and become afraid of spending and investing in yourself and opportunities that can help you grow as a person to the next level.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a strong failure in your past and it caused you to lock into your shell. You figured why to bother if all I’m going to get out of this is pain and sorrow? You don’t dare anymore and you try playing it safe. You prefer to do everything possible just not to fail and get a rejection, even if it means not pursuing your biggest dreams.

Fear of Success

There’s also one of the deadliest fears, fear of success – where we limit our barrier at a place where we think is our limit. We define our limits according to the people we look up to and respect.

If your dad is a person you look up to and let’s say he works in an office job making $70k a year, you will define this as your upper limit. You will do everything in your hands to sabotage the success you can achieve.

The never-ending thirst and the illusion of fear

How many times have you thought small and safe? I know I had. Thinking – If I only do this and that, if I only earn XYZ, or if I just do this one thing – it will be enough.

In all truth, let’s be real here – nothing is ever enough for us human beings. We are restless, and we stop at nothing.

Just take a look at the richest men in the world, going by the logic above, there is not one reason for them to keep working so hard and accumulate more and more wealth, and keep pushing themselves to their limits – physically and mentally.

They are already at the peak of humanity in terms of material success, so why bother to keep pushing?

Another example would be athletes at the peak of their game. They won every medal and every accolade they could ever win, then why do they keep going?

You see, it is our human nature, to reach limitless expansion no matter what we do. We cannot rest at one stop and just accept it.

That is because we are not looking for physical expansion – but for holistic expansion.

Most people focus too much on the material plane while forgetting about their spirit – which is truly limitless, timeless, and unending. (There is a great lesson inside The Subconscious Architect that helps you tap into your own unique vibration and spirit)

This is therefore why fear doesn’t really exist but in our minds. When we give it the attention it grows. When we starve it, it literally dies – it doesn’t exist.

“I get it, fear isn’t real, but how do I conquer it?”

Conquering your fears isn’t a lifelong mission like some people suggest it is.

It isn’t even a lifetime battle or the good fight you have to fight.

Your fears are to be ascended – not battled with. There’s a crucial difference here.

To battle your fear is to nourish it, while to ascend it is to operate WITH it.

Like stress, we can harness the power of fear to be better. To be stronger. To become legends.

If you take your fear and laugh it in its face, it loses its power over you.

Take for example fear of speaking in public, which is one of the strongest fears in life. You can go your whole life trying to avoid it, but how many opportunities will you lose due to that fear? How many people you could have inspired and changed their lives if you overcame that fear?

The cost of fear is an early death. Not a physical one, but a deadlier, that of the spirit.

The Leap of Faith

To tackle fear all there is nothing you can do but take a leap of faith. absolutely nothing. We can talk about it for hours, days, weeks, and months, I can send you more emails, research, rational explanations, books, videos, and what not – but if you never take a leap of faith you will always stay stuck.

Everything you want is on the other side of the leap.

That girl you want to talk to? The public speaking event you want to participate in The business deal can close if you send a message The job you can get if you only reach out to the CEO The body you can have if you only started training properly

They’re all one leap of faith from you.

If I had stood on the plane’s door and physically haven’t taken the leap of faith, I would never have jumped. I would never know what the other side looks like. I took the risk and dared to find out.

There’s a mindset shift that happens when you do something that is completely out of your comfort zone. You truly see how limitless you really are, and how all of your limits are self-imposed.

It is time you redefine your limits, whatever you perceived them to be.

If you’re too shy to talk with a girl, start talking with old people. Start talking with those you’re not attracted to. Escalate to girls you don’t feel threatened by. Slowly but surely take more leaps. This is how fear is conquered and confidence is built.

This can be applied to any domain. You are a limitless being and until you realize it, fear will dominate your thoughts and mind – and it will become substantially harder to ascend to the highest level you can go to.

With that being said, my course  The Subconscious Architect will help you get down to the root of your fears, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt to destroy your limits, and allow you to create your 2.0 self-identity that is driven by confidence, strength, and self-belief.

 Become the Architect of your inner world and start creating a life of fulfillment, abundance, and prosperity – while embracing the fearless Flow State Living as your way of life.  

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Hope you enjoyed this letter and see you at the next one.


Aaron | Limitless Reader