First things first, why is it so important for you to have a big vision?

An epic vision will create a painting in your mind, a visualization of a life that you admire. You must understand – not having a vision is like walking in the dark with no direction. Having a strong and compelling vision will allow you to head toward your dreams with confidence and trust. The doubts will fade away when you are focused on making the vision a reality, instead of thinking about how things will happen. When you focus on the feeling you get when getting the results you desire, instead of the process – that’s where the magic really happens.

Before we start- Remember:
It’s better to have any vision than to have no vision. You can always improve it and add more to it over time.
So grab a pen and paper\open a new document – and let’s start. (Don’t skip this step, You need to write it and review it often.)

Step One – Reflect on your life today

Start writing down – what you love about your life today.
What about your life today that you don’t like and wish to change? Write everything down with as much detail as possible. Don’t rush this process – it will lay the proper groundwork to create a better vision.

Step Two – How would a perfect day look like in your life?

What does the most amazing, positive, and uplifting day you could live in your life look like? Don’t spare the details. The details are what make your vision come to life and blossom. The more it is vivid and “Alive” the easier it gets to imagine, and the more you’ll be inspired by your creation.
Write it down, add ideas that resonate with you, and don’t hold yourself back

Step Three – Where would it all happen?

Develop the perfect day you wrote down – Where are you located in that story?
What does your environment look like, the country you live in, the atmosphere around you – get as specific as you can. You might be surprised at what you’ll find. Express your heart’s desires and allow yourself to just flow with your thoughts. Don’t try to think about “How” just think of the “What” for now.

Step Four – What kind of people surround you?

What kind of people is around you during your perfect day? Are you always with people?
Are you mostly alone?
How do these people relate to the goals and actions you are conducting on a day-to-day basis?
At the end of the day, humans are social creatures. Your vision should include that as well. Are you living with a long-term partner? Are you switching places and people often? Only you can tell.

Step Five – What are the actions, thoughts, and goals you act on?

During that perfect day, what are the main actions you take towards achieving your goals?
How are they helping you grow?
What is the kind of thoughts that you have and experience?
Your thoughts create your life. We covered a lot about this in this article on the mind. Either way, your way of thinking and acting determines the outcomes of your life, so imagine how you conduct yourself on a day-to-day basis.

Step Six – Craft the essence of your vision

Now that you have a general idea of what your perfect day looks like, what are the activities
you pursue, where you are located and so on – you can start wrapping it all together Write everything that resonated with you in a short condensed paragraph. This is the hardest part, but you can give it a go and come back to revise later.
Remember, your vision will never be perfect on the first go – but you have to create the first one to get to the best one over time.
Don’t fear revisiting and changing as time goes by, but don’t change your vision just because of one bad day. Stay the course. It may take time to realize your vision – but you’re the captain, and you know what’s best for your ship. I highly recommend you follow your own intuition and believe in yourself. Your decision to act is what matters and will lead you to your goals.

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