If you’re lonely, you’re probably feeling:

  • lost
  • sad
  • betrayed
  • forsaken
  • that life isn’t fair

I know that feeling too well, and I know it sucks to feel that way.

Feeling lonely is a burning sensation, that causes sadness and saps all joy of life. That is why we have to deal with it from the root and understand that any happiness we will experience is a product of ourselves first.

Of course, humans are social animals and we need company, but we can make an effort to feel good about ourselves even if we’re alone.

What you need to remember is that the only way to battle loneliness is to own up to it and understand you’re the cause of your own suffering. I know this sounds harsh, but please bear with me for a moment on this one.

Understand that you have to shift responsibility from other people to yourself. Instead of being a victim and waiting for someone to save you, you’re going to save yourself.

No more Blaming

You’ll take responsibility
take all the blame
You’ll suffer the consequences
But you will never be the victim.
You are your own hero in your own story
A hero that improves his life by the moment, and never wallows in his own sorrow.

Look, when you are living your best and most epic life, being lonely won’t bother you anymore. If someone is tagging along to your amazing world, he is the one getting all the value – if not, their loss.

You need to develop yourself and work hard to create your own kingdom that people will crave to join. They will crave to become a small part of your epic journey in this world and be a part of your story.

You will start attracting from a place of abundance, and not from a place of lack. You will be overflowing with abundance and joy to share because you just won’t be able to use it all by yourself. See also How to cultivate from a source of abundance

This is the ultimate level of self-sufficiency and freedom. You have ascended beyond social games and dishonesty. You are now free to grow and enjoy your perfect life.

Okay, so how the heck do you get to that state, where loneliness doesn’t bother you, where you are creating and experiencing life to its fullest form?

Every journey is different, but here are a few suggestions that are proven to make life a better, fuller experience across the board:

1. Reading

Reading will allow you to experience new characters, people, places, and scenery, immediately lifting you higher to new plains. It will allow your mind to find calmness and explore new worlds and ideas. See 15 Books that will bend your reality

2. Journaling

When feeling lonely, your journal can be a great place to vent all that negative energy and let go of what you’re feeling. When you have new ideas and experiences, journal and explore your greatest desires.

3. Meditating

Your ability to sit silently with yourself, without any thought or interruption is the highest level of consciousness you can reach. Trust me, you will never feel any loneliness while meditating, and it will carry you higher to a world of bliss. See How to Start Meditating

4. Exercising

Getting proper exercise will allow you to get your blood pumping and forget of all the negative energy. The movement of your body will give you peace and relaxation – while keeping you strong and healthy.

5. Creating

The biggest action you can take to get to self-actualization is to create something bigger than yourself. It can be painting, music, writing, or filming videos. The road of creation is satisfying and elevating by itself, and will allow you to express your deepest ideas and desires to share with others.

6. Connecting with others

Start a small conversation in your regular coffee shop, gym, or supermarket. Share a small, nice compliment. Make others shine in your light. Create those small opportunities for connection that may blossom into strong relationships in due time. You have to plant a seed for a tree to grow.

These are some of the base activities that will give you the ground layer to build from. A building is only as strong as the base, whenever in doubt – go back to these basics.

Now, your ability to experience happiness is determined by your discipline. The more disciplined you become in executing actions for your happiness, the easier your life becomes. Discipline is doing the right things, at the right time, consistently as possible.

Discipline is one of the biggest weapons against modern ailments such as:

  • Porn
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Video games
  • Social Media addiction
  • Lack of motivation

They all contribute to loneliness in one way or another.

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Now, you are disciplined in your own world, you are a master of your domain, and you have built the groundwork for a life worth living. I guarantee that your newfound ability to connect to yourself and to the world will bring new experiences and people into your life. Loneliness will become a thing of the past.

Your ability to take responsibility and grow as a person will make your personality magnetic and charming to others.

Eventually, you’ll see it was you who you were looking for all along.

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