1. Surround yourself with beauty

Viewing beautiful art, literature, people, landscapes, and creations will create a deep effect
on your being.
Life will become calmer.
Your energy will flow more easily
This is the start of your elevation

2. Consume the best materials

You are what you consume.
Consume the highest-vibrational materials and content available
Let them gently carry you to a higher state of being through immersion

3. Read the best books

Books are sacred pieces of knowledge
They are passed down for generations and contain infinite wisdom
I cannot stress this enough – Read the best works first and create a strong foundation in your
mind’s palace

4. Eat the most splendid food

Eating well, healthy, clean, and rich food, is not a privilege.
It is a necessity for your mind and body to function properly,
and to live a life of creation and harmony

5. Go on walks of wisdom

An afternoon walk with elevating music, a based podcast, a chat with a friend or just with
your own company.
Do it daily. See how great you feel later, with a sense of elevation in your body.

6. Treat yourself like a divine king

Treat yourself as a man of value, someone who ought to be respected.
Your own beliefs about yourself will project to the world
And you will bask in your own glory.

7. Behave like a royal but stay humble

As to connect to the last point, you must stay humble, and a student of life
No man is lesser than you, and from everyone, you shall learn
Be in a state of constant pursuit of improvement

8. Create beautiful material

By now, If you followed this thread, You have already absorbed some of the most potent ideas and philosophies of the world It is time to expand on them and create your own.

9. Live according to your own ideals

After studying the masters of your craft for long enough
At some point, you will go out on your own path
Forge your own ideals, beliefs, and values.
Build your own character to life

10. Share your gifts with others

You are one forever
There will never be another one like you again
Work actively to bring your talents and gifts forth,
and maybe one day I will be standing down the mountain you have climbed, cheering you on your achievements.

11. Live true to your vision

Order your vision in line with your purpose
Order your purpose in line with your beliefs
Order your beliefs in line with your values
And stay true to them at all times.
This is how you elevate yourself from mundane existence.
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