I’ll start by saying, anxiety is no joke. I’ve had my fair share of experience of it, and it’s destructing and painful for the soul.
This post will cover everything to help you understand and eliminate anxiety from your life

1. Framing it differently

From this day on let’s make an agreement – YOU are not anxious. You’re EXPERIENCING anxiety.
This is a key difference, the more you learn to detach from your feelings in a healthy way the easier it gets to manage them.

2. Why are you experiencing anxiety right now?

Anxiety thrives on feelings of confusion, and overwhelming. Is it because of:

  • A big event
  • A work interview
  • Worry for family
  • Money problems
  • Health problems

Try identifying why you’re feeling anxious right now. Take a minute to acknowledge it. These are all valid concerns and they can be overwhelming to deal with. Now, with a big breath shift your focus to the present. Look at your surrounding, and try being as present as possible.

3. Understand what it’s here to tell you

You’re feeling anxious because it’s your brain and body’s way to alert you. Now that you know WHY you’re feeling anxious, you can think of possible solutions.
Anxiety thrives on fighting with it -> for now practice accepting it as is.
Before you let anxiety get the better of you, are you sure it will even matter in 5 years?
Would you look back on this and laugh at how unimportant this was?
As you ponder on this, let the feelings pass by using the breathing exercise I will present soon.

4. Identify what’s within your control

This might be a big interview that you’re anxious about – what in this situation can you

  • How you present yourself
  • Being on Time
  • Preparing sufficiently

Facing anxiety is all about taking back control into your hands

5. Identify what you can’t control

To kill anxiety for good you have to embrace this step completely
Anxiety is the robber of joy, it tries to move you into becoming a freak in control over your life.
Control cannot be asserted in every situation, in those cases…
Accept that there are things bigger than you, and find strength through yourself, god, or a higher being to comfort you.
This is a lovely diagram that sums it up:

6. Build your life around good habits

If your brain isn’t balanced, it will get much easier to fall into loops of anxiety.
Anxiety is contagious as it circuits your brain and makes you more anxious the more you let
it. Here’s how to battle this…

Build habits that bounce you back up:

  • Exercise -> Releases endorphins and relaxes your body
  • Meditation -> Quite the mind and centers you to balance
  • Social circle -> Finding comfort in a friend will ease your anxiety
  • Eating well -> A healthy diet aids hormone regulation

For more about building habits, read here

7. A breathing exercise to practice


  1. Breathe in deeply through the nose with the mantra -> “I’m alive”
  2. Breathe out through the mouth with the mantra -> “I’m calm”
  3. Repeat this for 5-10 minutes. It can help visualize a calm place like the beach or the park.

Why this works:

Breathing is the first to get disrupted in states of high pressure, breathing exercises will regulate your system back to normal.
The increased oxygen will help ease and relax your nervous system and signal your body that you are in a safe space and can breathe slowly
Anxiety can hit you out of nowhere, but when you know how to eliminate it, it wouldn’t stay for long.
It’s all in your control and with these practices, you will almost never have any anxiety.
In the rare case, you do it will be no more than a brief inconvenience.

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