The way most people view money and wealth is influenced by many emotions.
The thing you have to understand before reading on is that money is neither good nor bad, it’s neutral. Your feelings towards it don’t matter. Money is the energy of time, goods, services, or value traded for it. It is a symbol humans use to transact with each other. Often, the most practical way to allow great wealth to enter your life is to increase your worth and the value you provide to the world. Unfortunately, sometimes there are underlying limiting beliefs that block you from allowing wealth to enter your life in abundance.

Here are some mindset shifts that will result in a change in your reality and perception of wealth:

1. Money is everywhere

Money is flying around all over the place. Look at all the prosperity around you, cars, homes, phones, food, and services offered. There is no shortage of money. When you realize this abundance will start becoming obvious. Lack of abundance is the exception to the norm. Money is not hard to come by, this is the first mindset shift you have to adapt. All you have to do is to create your own net to catch some of the money flying around.

2. Wealth is your birthright

Observe nature, the animals and trees, and everything around you. Nature doesn’t ask for permission to prosper, You are a part of it. Your true nature was always wealthy, and it will always be wealthy in the future.

3. Allow it to flow freely in and out of your life

“A closed hand cannot receive ” – When you cling on to money obsessively, it will evade you. You are blocking its energy from flowing freely. Get what you need and allow the stream of money to flow freely and into your life.

4. Create and add value

The key to lifelong wealth and abundance in every dimension is to create value through your skills and work. When you add value to others, you’ll get back in return – money, connections, and opportunities. Life will expand your wealth naturally. If you don’t know where to start check out this article – How to unlock your potential part 1

5. Believe there will never be a lack

Adopt this belief into your heart and mind:
Whatever you consume or create today – tomorrow there will always be more for you, and it will always keep growing and improving. If you’re buying food today, you will always have enough food tomorrow, If you’re a writer, you will never run out of ideas to write about. You will always have enough, and more for you to prosper – practice and accept this concept as a fact.

6. Look at using money as an investment

Every time you spend money on yourself or others, look at it as an investment that will come back to you x100 or x1000 times back. When you buy a coffee it is not wasted money, you are energizing yourself to create more. When you buy a book or a course, it is not money wasted, it is an investment in your knowledge and growth. Everything will multiply and grow this way, and large sums of money will start coming your way using this thought process.

7. Tap into your unique gifts and treasures

The biggest gift you have in life is yourself. Your mind and body are capable of endless abilities. They are the source of all inventions and creations in our world. Your ability to bring out those gifts and share them with… others will give you the abundance and joy you deserve.
When you are acting according to your true nature, and pursuing your divine mission, the world will reward you greatly. It’s the best win-win situation that you can achieve – value for value, good for good. No matter where you are at today, you can start by adopting these universal concepts step by step. The abundance and wealth in your life will keep on growing and prospering over time.

I hope this post helped you create a few mindset shifts in the way you view money, wealth, and abundance in general. Remember, when you make money THE GOAL – you will not be able to create the value that money is attracted to.

Money is a tool, that can help you in your journey, but it is not a means to an end. Never forget that, or else you’ll be blinded by cash and forget your big purpose and goals.

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