You were lied to. Finding yourself, your direction, and the way of life you want to live doesn’t need to take long.
It can be extremely fast when you focus on yourself and build a killer plan. You can get unstuck in a matter of a few days or weeks.

Before you start, there are 2 things you must do to get in the right mindset to solve your problem:

X.1 Acknowledge you’re stuck and accept it

When you’re stuck, the best thing you can do is to take a deep breath and accept it.
It sucks. It makes you angry. -> the only rational thing to do is to calm down and assess the situation.

X.2 Go back to basics

Now that you’ve relaxed, take a day or two to achieve a state of neutral observation. Do the simple things that bring you joy, and take a walk. Drink some coffee with a friend. Go out to nature. Read a book. Write it out in your journal. Don’t rush it. the right solution will present itself in due time to get unstuck.

Start getting back on track –
Now you need a plan, a roadmap that will take you to success, and fast:

1. Build a healthy routine first

You got stuck because of your bad habits. Identify what habits are holding you back, and what habits you want to implement. Write it down, and commit to it.

Change 1 bad habit at a time –
Sleeping late – waking up early.
Eating junk food – Cook healthy meals
Seating all-day – Go for a daily walk.
Start simple, the momentum will allow you to change more habits over time.

2. Define your ideal life

How can you get to a place you don’t know exists? You can’t
What do you want to achieve? More freedom, better connections, more opportunities…
Whatever your heart desires – it is possible for you to achieve it. This is just to set you in the mood, we will soon define your vision clearly.

3. Define your purpose

You know what you want, but why?
Is it for your family? For helping others? For making yourself happier?
There has to be a reason you fall back when times are tough. Nothing can stop a man with a strong reason.
When you find your purpose, write it down, and have it handy whenever thoughts of confusion arise.

4. Define your vision

Your vision is a picture of where you’re going, what it will look like, and the impact created as a result. It’s your north star whenever the road isn’t clear. Sit down and write it. It has to be more specific than your ideal life. Here is a step-by-step on how to create your ideal vision

5. Set your goals

Now you have the ability to set goals based on your vision and purpose.
You want to be a writer because you want to become happier and fulfilled, and it will lead to a life of more freedom and connection.
Now you have to start writing -> Goal: write 1 book of 200 pages in a year
Break it down into months, weeks, and days.
Measure it often, and your goals will become a reality very soon.

6. Create an action plan

It’s not enough to just set goals – you have to create a plan in order to get unstuck.
When are you going to work?
For how long?
What is your schedule?
The action plan will move you to action. It will keep you on track to crush your goals and make them a reality.

The more you stay true to your word, the easier it will get to advance your life to your goals. Avoid excuses, staying up late, or anything else that will distract you from your goals. This is the only option to make your plan a reality.

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