The number 1 reason people suffer in life is that they refuse to accept things as they are.
People have a tendency to expect what they want to happen immediately. While achieving more is a great mindset to have, you must learn how to let go and enjoy the natural flow of events if you want to experience harmony and completeness, instead of stress and worry. You might have experienced these days where it feels like nothing works your way – This is due to not being in tune with the flow of life. Once you learn how to master flow, everything falls in place and you will find no resistance – only calmness and joy, like walking on a cloud.

Why do some people manage to cruise through life effortlessly?
The answer is they move with the flow.
To move with the natural flow of life, you have to learn how to listen to the beat of nature, the sound of your heart. It is something that may take years to master, but here are a few ideas that will paint the picture more sharply of what FLOW means and how to tap into this feeling.

Here are 11 guidelines that will help start noticing it’s simple patterns around you:

  1. When you’re with other people, and the conversation is flowing, do not try to control it, go wherever it takes you

  2. If you are traveling by public transportation and you’ve missed your train, or it’s late – do not get angry or sad, accept it as an event that happened for the better

  3. When you’re at a restaurant and the waitress recommends a different dish over what you wanted to order, tend to go with her intuition

  4. When you’re working on an intense project and nothing works your way, take a break, come back with a different angle, ask for help, and don’t smash your head against a wall forever

  5. When you’re practicing a difficult skill and someone interrupts you, try to see if there was a signal behind this interruption

  6. When you’re reading a book that excites your senses, and you feel an urge to write notes down, don’t wait for later

  7. if you’re deep in a project, but you have a very strong desire to leave it alone, and work on a new project – it might be a good idea to change

  8. If you have a very good\bad feeling about a person, it might be a good idea to listen to it

  9. If you get a strong urge to get a certain food or drink – it’s a good idea to do it

  10. When people come to you for help, there’s a good reason behind it, do your best to help them.

  11. When you are stuck on a dead-end path, seek guidance or advice to pull you out. Create the momentum for a big shift in your life

There are many more of these guidelines that present themselves in our day-to-day life. The common thread between them is that you should not “force” your will on the situation, but rather learn how to glide on it, and surf it to your own benefit. It might sound strange at first, but if you let this mantra guide you through your daily motions, I am certain that you will experience an incredible shift in your life. You will see how there is less stress, anxiety, and pressure, and more joy, harmony, and being present in the moment.

Try it out, and let me know the difference you experience in the comments below.