Your brain can either be a Ferrari sports car or a used, beaten-up Toyota.
The great thing about it? you get to choose.
The actions you take daily determine that and at any point, you can choose to make better
choices and get better results.

1. Sleep

Fixing your sleep is the first thing you should aim for. With some exceptions, your brain
performs WAY better on 7-8h of sleep.
It builds up new pathways and gets rid of toxins that keep it healthy.
Aim for 7-8h of sleep and you’re golden.

2. Nutrition

Your brain is the biggest energy consumer in your body (relative to its size).
It thrives on fatty foods, green leaves, berries, nuts, and beef.
Give your brain what it’s asking for daily.

Optimize your brain with the right foods

3. Physical activity

While doing physical activity, your blood circulates through your body and flows to your brain. This helps your brain restore neural pathways, get more oxygen to the cells, and boosts its performance.

4. Walks in nature

Going on walks in nature is a proven way for you to bring calmness and an improvement in your thought process.
Your brain is hardwired for green fields, mountains, and forests. This is where it thrives.

5. Social Interactions

You are a social being. Let your brain conquer those interactions and find challenges, joy, and inspiration in them.
This leads to growth and new pathways to be created as you explore the world.

6. Journaling

Unprocessed thoughts are cluttering the brain and making it slower. Use the simple
technique of pen and paper to let it go. Your brain will operate faster and with less confusion.

7. Brain exercises

Don’t confuse this with the apps they try to get you hooked on the app store. Real brain exercises are – playing an instrument, solving problems, planning strategies, writing, and reading. Your brain will get faster and stronger through this over time.


  • Junk food
  • Porn
  • Drugs
  • Excess Social media
  • Mindless video games \netflix\tv
  • Negativity

Letting your brain wander aimlessly will make you a zombie.
Use this powerful machine to enhance your life, not degenerate it.

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As you work on optimizing your brain, be sure to understand your mind and thought process as well. This is the only way to achieve mastery of both. You might wonder what is the difference between the brain and the mind. Well, for that I will write another article in the future.

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