Yes you read it right, One day, One book – Read and Distilled

This one might get me roasted but hear me out, there are times you need to churn in and process lots of information, for a project, for a work task, or for studying. I’m not talking here about reading for leisure or enjoyment.. nor for moral, spiritual, and personal development and refinement or entertainment.

I’m talking here about RAW POWER where you need to read and need it fast. You need info, data, knowledge, and wisdom, all packed nicely and insightfully. There’s a time and place for both – use it as a tool when needed.

Now if we’re on the same page here, let’s start

If you want to read a book in a day, there’s probably a reason that you want to do it – I assume you’re planning to outline a new project and need new insights and data points, or perhaps studying whether for a new job, school, exams, etc. This will be my main assumption in this thread so adapt it according to your own needs.

Step 1: Build a filtration system

Create a list of questions\ideas you want to learn and understand from the book before you dive in. You need to create a priming condition in your brain to look for the information you’re after – this way, you’re going to have a filter installed looking for the right info rather than shooting in the dark.

Once you’ve created the list the next step is…

Step 2: Get the book + the audiobook

This is key. You’re not gonna be able to pull off a 7-hour reading in one day (probably) but you will be able to get it done with an audiobook listening in 2x. It takes a bit of practice to get up and running with this method, but it really isn’t that complicated. Once you are listening, put sticky notes on pages where valuable info was shared in. We’ll come back to this later.

Step 3: Listen with a notebook\notes beside you

You want to be writing down points of interest that relate to your research and the questions you’ve outlined. Whenever something good comes up quickly write it down. Train yourself to do it without stopping the train of thought and stopping the track from playing unless it’s a really crucial point you want to remember.

Step 4: Skip the redundant parts

If you’re trying to learn about the brain parts and the author starts explaining the microbiome biology, SKIP IT. it’s that simple. If you’re looking to maximize profit for a big company but he starts talking about startups, you…..? SKIP IT that’s right.

Very easy.

Step 5: Relate the ideas to each other and previous studies

As you’re listening, note down ideas that relate to past studies. It will help create an association and connect your old ideas to new ones. Compound interest is magic, use it in your own favor.

Step 6: Do things as you’re listening

If you don’t have time to sit with a notebook, no worries. Go to the gym, for a walk, while driving, cleaning, cooking, etc – during that time, listen to the book and record important points mentally. Pause the book and document on your phone as needed. Be sure not to overdo this as it will severely slow you down.

Step 7: Analyze the information and summarize key insights

Congrats, you just finished listening to a book in one day. All you gotta do is go through your bookmarks and notes and distill the valuable insights. Create a summary if you want and work with it in your project. It’s super valuable and effective.

Bonus Step: You can probably summarize books with AI nowadays, so if you’re looking to just get the info that way, be my guest.

Though I believe the process I just outlined will further immerse you in the research and insights you will gain in the process.

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Aaron | Limitless Reader