Welcome to the first article of the 3-part series: “How to Unlock Your Potential”.

This article will go through Part 1: THE MIND

In this article we will go through:

  • The limitless power of the mind
  • The conscious\subconscious mind
  • Reprogram your mind to create your dream life


The power of your mind is unmatched by any other object in the universe
Countless books, research, and studies have been trying to figure out how this marvelous machine works and operates, yet we are only scratching the surface. Your mind is operating on many dimensions and is able to process an immense amount of data at any given moment. Your mind also operates on a conscious and subconscious level – most of the activity of the mind is done subconsciously.

  • Your breath
  • Heart rate
  • Digestion system
  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • etc’

These are all unconscious physical activities

  • Your beliefs
  • Fears
  • Thought processes
  • Face recognition
  • Space perception

Are mental subconscious activities as well, programmed by years of education and learning processes you’ve gone through.

How you can become the master of your own mind?

To rule your mind, it is not enough to control its conscious part
You have to learn how to tap into the subconscious part of your mind, the deeper part that is under the surface.
You have to understand something about your subconscious mind, it is very susceptible to suggestions, it learns by symbols, patterns, and repetitions, and it is intensely programmed during your early years of 0-7.

The subconscious mind is truly powerful when left to operate without interference. A child learns speech just by listening and observing he learns how to act, behave, and conduct himself in his environment only by passively watching his caregivers. These qualities of the subconscious mind do not evaporate as we grow up, we are just less aware of them.

As an adult, you are able to reprogram the way you think, behave, and interact with the world through your own thoughts and create new paradigms.
There are many ways in which you can condition your mind again to create the reality which you desire to live in.
Honestly, this can be a very easy task, or a very hard task – depending on the individual conditioning you had:
conditioned to see abundance, joy, and success around you,
or have strong roots of limiting beliefs, past trauma, and bad experiences

Of course, there are no rules here, the process is the same in any case
So how do you reprogram your mind to create a reality in which you desire to live in?

Here are 3 ways to reprogram your mind for your desired results:

  1. Create a crystal clear vision
    If you only take one, please do this. A CRYSTAL CLEAR vision will allow you to literally see
    the future in your mind’s eye. Your mind does not differentiate imagination from reality.
    The more you practice seeing that vision come to life vividly, your mind will find and create ways to unfold this reality.

  2. Meditate
    Meditating is like going to the gym for the mind. It allows you to become aware of the present moment and lets the mind enter complete peace. Meditation will allow tremendous insights to reach you. Insights that are out of the realm of words and comprehension.

  3. Affirm
    In order to crystalize your vision, and desire to create a new reality for yourself, you will have to embed it deeply in your mind.
    That is why you MUST have affirmations ready.
    Use them all throughout the day, but especially in the morning and night before bed.
    It is highly recommended you listen to positive affirmations when you go to bed.
    For example, if you are trying to lose weight play affirmations on that topic while you sleep.
    Your subconscious mind is always active and picking up signals – be intentional about what you absorb.

We have covered a lot on the mind and reprogrammed it to success.
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