Welcome to the second article of the 3-part series: “How to Unlock Your Potential”.

This article will go through Part 2: THE INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR BODY
Part 1: THE MIND

The intelligence your body possesses is infinite. It allows billions of cells to communicate and operate in harmony and divine order. Your body is a result of millions of years of evolution which led to a well-orchestrated machine that knows exactly what to do at any moment.
Your body consists of about 70% water on average, which means that water has a key component of our existence.
So start looking at it this way – however water reacts, so does your body. Marinate on this for a while, think of how water vibrates in Tibetan bowls.

The two most dominant organs are the brain and the heart, both have key roles in our lives – both emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Contrary to popular belief, in addition to the brain’s memory, the heart has memory as well. The heart has memory and unique traits – it was found that after heart transplants patients who never ate certain things, or listened to a type of music started craving it. Another hub of great intelligence is your gut. It sends signals to the brain through the neural network in alarming or surprising situations. Your brain picks up on insane amounts of signals, and one way to alarm you of a strange pattern is by sending a strong signal to your gut to notify you.

1. Let’s move on to muscle memory

As I’m typing out this post, my fingers move swiftly and accurately on my keyboard. They
know exactly where to tap next and how strong to hit the keys.
This happens due to muscle memory that is ingrained through repetitive action.
Muscle memory is also prominent in:
• Athletes
• Musicians
• Artists
• Physical workers
Any profession that involves the use of your body and of repetitive movement benefits from
muscle memory. That is why it’s beneficial to practice your craft regularly and get the muscle memory to kick in.
So now that we got a rundown on the basics, let’s tie this into the next part.

2. Intuition and Instincts

Your intuition is a force that allows you to subconsciously understand and operate in a situation.
This can be your ability to read people’s faces or understand their emotions. This can also be your ability to say the right thing at the right time.
It involves mastering your field and gaining exposure to many different situations. The more you are acquainted with the situation, the faster you’ll be able to draw conclusions from it using your intuition. Instincts are like intuition on steroids – they are part of the same system but are used in
situations where you have to act quickly, without time to think. Imagine you’re trying to grab on a hot pot – what happens is your sensory neurons overrun the motoric neurons and cause an involuntary withdrawal from the source of pain. It is very similar to other instinctive actions.

3. The road to mastery

On your road to maximizing your potential, you will want to master your craft and be the very best in your profession.
To master any given skill you have to work in two dimensions – the micro and the macro. Let’s say you’re trying to master a musical instrument, the piano. While playing an elite piece on the piano, you are both aware of the big picture of playing the piece in a pleasant, and articulate way, aware of the minute details of each sequence, and playing it precisely.

That is why in order to master a given piece you will practice the sequences played a part, and also practice the whole piece played together.
You are both the waves and the sea, you are the single drops of the waterfall and the waterfall itself.

Your body is the vehicle with which you can deliver such mastery. That is why you have to understand your body and how it works in great depth. Studying the body and its operating system is a lifelong task but a worthy one that will be greatly rewarded.

4. The importance of movement

Just like mastery has a dualistic facet of micro and macro appliance, so does movement in the physical and metaphysical sense.
Movement is the principle of the universe, the world, and your body. Nothing rests. Just as the earth is constantly turning on its axis and around the sun. Your body is made of atoms that are constantly vibrating on a microscopical level. Your spirit and mind are always on the move, new thoughts rushing every single moment.

Understand this:
when you are entering movement into your life, your whole being is moving with it.
New energy is entering the system and bringing in fresh ideas.

For the skeptics, this is backed by science.

When moving, the blood circulates, and more oxygen enters the system and into your brain. More blood in your brain means more activity, and more activity means new connections and neural growth. When you are moving this energy transmutes to your mind and through your mind, you can start creating the reality which you desire. The mind creates your reality through the beliefs and ideas you believe in. If you believe that the world works against you, your main focus will be on the things that don’t work.
If you look for positive, the positive occurrences will compound and you will see more of them, this is a powerful feedback loop.

Thank you for reading Part 2 of Unlocking Your Potential Series. Let me know your thoughts, questions, and requests in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for part 3 coming up soon.


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