Welcome to the third article of the 3-part series: “How to Unlock Your Potential”.

This article will go through Part 3: THE 8 SECRET WEAPONS YOU POSSESS
Part 1: THE MIND

Deep inside your body and mind, you hold the key to ancient weapons that hold infinite energy and power to change your life.
When you learn how to unlock these weapons, your life will flow naturally with nature – Read the end of this thread to begin the journey.

1. Intuition

It is your internal compass that guides you through any situation. When you refine it and tune it to your desires and wants it will always guide you in the right direction.
It is the small voice that fixes you on the right path.
Learn how to listen to it

How to unlock this weapon:
Your intuition is found in moments of self-reflection and listening to your internal voice.
Increase the volume of your internal voice by journaling daily about your thoughts, ideas, where you’ve been, and the direction you wish to go.

2. Instincts

Your instincts are intuition on steroids. They are the fast actors of your body for situations you must act quickly.
Instincts work primarily subconsciously, without the need to interfere but there are ways to refine them.

How to unlock this weapon:
To improve your instincts, physical activity is a necessity. Practicing martial arts, Playing a musical instrument, and mindfulness is a great ways to enhance them which brings us to the next point

3. Mindful awareness

Everything beautiful and great starts by being present in the current moment.
Here I am writing this thread, completely focused on the task in front of me.
There’s no past or future at this moment – this is where life happens.

How to unlock this weapon:
By realizing the power of the current moment you unlock a world of opportunities and growth. There is power in taking action with focus and zero distractions.
You will be able to improve this ability with meditation and being in a state of flow.

4. Potential Space

Potential Space is a state of mind that’s exactly in the sweet spot of reality and fantasy.
Children spend most of their time in the potential space where they get to explore the wonders of life.
Reality gets more vivid and wonderous in this special state

How to unlock this weapon:

  • Living without judgment
  • Playing with children
  • Take life less seriously
  • Create and consume great art

These are all amazing ways to get back into the potential space.

5. Subconscious processing

When you absorb new information, it is first processed by the conscious mind (Focused mode)
The real magic happens when you let it “sink in”.
Your subconscious mind takes over in the background and brings incredible new insights (Diffused Mode)

How to unlock this weapon:
When you are in the focused mode, try to absorb as much material as humanely possible about your project.
Then, let it go completely. Go for a walk, take a shower, chat with a friend, relax -> let the diffused state takeover, and bring incredible insights to life.

6. Faith and belief

Your beliefs, the stories you tell yourself, and your faith in your journey determine your ability to succeed.
The more you’re able to change your beliefs in the direction you desire, the more fuel you add to your life’s fire.

How to unlock this weapon:
Recreate the stories you tell yourself. Believe in your powerful ability to grow and make a change.
This happens when you repeat the stories in your mind through affirmations, journaling, and positive beliefs. Be patient and kind to yourself.

7. Unique talents

Your unique talents are the only thing you should be focused on. You have to double down on your strengths and maximize them.
Remember: what’s easy for you to do might be very hard for others

How to unlock this weapon:
Journaling, taking action, and moving towards your curiosity and interests are the best ways to find your talents.
Reading about it is not enough. You have to take action and try new things to find it.

8. Your gift

Your gift is the one thing that you are destined, blessed to do, and bring to this world.
When you discover your unique calling there is no more doubt in your life. Life goes from a series of challenges and trials to a journey of development and hope.

How to unlock this weapon:
This weapon is your ultimate treasure you must work to discover, even if it takes a lifetime.
Finding your unique gifts gets easy when you know what to look for. Start with what others come for advice to you. This is a strong signal to start with.

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