Mastery is a force equivalent to mind control and magic when used right. The power a master holds is the highest a man can achieve in his earthly form. The best works of art, music, writing, etc created by masters have profoundly affected people all over the world for ages.

There are many forms of mastery and different ways to approach it:

  • Writing
  • Movement
  • Sports
  • Painting
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Teaching
  • Science
  • Mysticism
  • Spiritual
  • Warriors
  • Generals

    And more

Let’s decode what mastery is all about

Mastery at its core is the perfection of skill, working on it tirelessly and making progress within the field of your expertise relentlessly. It involves building your entire life around your craft and committing to it fully.

A small hobby you practice once a week is not mastery and never will be. To become a master you have to put your heart and soul into your craft.
A craft that you have perfected over a lifetime through daily practice, creation, and innovation is what mastery is all about.

Something to notice about the greatest masters from all fields is that they all shared the same outlook on life. After mastering their craft they all started feeling a force of life moving in them with a deep intuition that cannot be taught by any teacher other than experience. When you are one with your craft, you develop a feeling that is beyond what words or explanations can describe. It is a force that allows creations bigger than life to manifest and move people to a state of ecstasy.

For example, a master painter feels the strokes of the brush to perfection and knows exactly the pressure to apply to the canvas, what shadow will fit the right scene, and how to blend the colors to his exact preference. Mastery involves deep observation, understanding of the mechanics of the craft, and drawing from various sources of knowledge.

One of the secrets many masters hold is their ability to tap into “divine energy” as described by many of them. The ability to sense, intuitively, the right move they must make, or obtain divine inspiration that isn’t commonly available to the crowds who move from fad to fad. When the master is highly attuned to his inner voice, he is able to manifest the most striking creations that move people deeply.

Masters have been known to cause the strongest reactions from people, whether a positive, awe-filled reaction or induce negative feelings of envy and desire for destruction. An example of that is John Lennon’s assassination by an obsessed fan or the man who spread a cake on The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Imagine being these guys:

Mastery has the incredible power of moving people and creating intense emotions, whether good or bad. Achieving mastery is wielding the power that most have never been able to achieve, it is a badge of honor and value that only a few get. It is highly valuable and prized and you will be rewarded greatly for your showmanship and the work you create.

But I must warn you, if you decide to walk on the path of mastery purely for its benefits and not for the love of the craft, you will be blinded by it and soon lose track.

The Road to Mastery Begins

If I convinced you that mastery is a path worth walking by, here are a few practical steps to start your journey to your own mountain peak:

1. Find your unique angle, talents, and gifts

In order for you to achieve mastery, you must go with your natural inclinations, the traits
that are natural to YOU. When you have the initial spark and competence in a skill, it will be
more favorable and easier to master.

2. Define your vision and path

Perhaps you found cooking as your calling. Now define where you want to go: to become a
worldwide chef, own a Michelin restaurant, or create a brand new way to cook a certain dish?
Everything is possible, with a strong vision as your north star.

3. Work to perfect your craft and skills

Now it’s time to get to work. Make a plan and take daily action to achieve it.
The path to mastery never ends, you can always learn a new skill or improve in some aspect.
Do not slow down. Always keep moving and making progress

4. Connect with like-minded individuals

The path to mastery may take a lifetime, make sure you make friends for life that will walk
with you on the path. Those who know your aim and pursue similar goals understand you
the best. You will learn from them and them from you.

5. Look for a mentor

Look for someone who has walked down your path, who has achieved greatness for himself,
and is willing to teach. A mentor’s guidance is invaluable and will take you leaps forward.
Remove pride and arrogance when learning and soak the teachings to heart.

6. Pass your knowledge forward

Find people who are a few steps behind you, and teach them everything you know. Mentor
them on your path. You will learn from teaching more than you can ever imagine.

7. Carve your own path

There will come a time you have to leave all conventional wisdom behind, and create your
own path. It is your time to push the envelope in your field. Do not give up on this step, only
through it you will achieve true mastery in its purest form

8. Finally, teach your own philosophy

When you have attained mastery and wisdom of a lifetime, it is time to gather your findings
and build the theory from scratch the way you view it.
It is your life’s work to share and build the next generation of masters.
The road to mastery will show you the way to great strengths, wisdom, superpowers, and
control over reality. Use your powers wisely and always have pure intentions within your
Congratulations for reading through, This is a start of a new journey and era in your life.

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