If you want to:
• Inspire people
• Appear larger than life
• Move the masses in your favor
You have to Master the Art of Charisma.

Here are 16 Principles to Help You Develop Magnetic Charisma:

1. Listen more than you speak

The more you speak, the more common you appear.
Learn to say more by saying less, and apply this to any domain in your life.
The highly charismatic are rarely that talkative.

2. Ask the right questions

It’s not enough to just listen mindlessly. Ask the right question at the right time and you will
completely win over your target.
This shows you really listened and will be highly appreciated by your conversation partner.

3. Develop intense eye contact

Do not shy away from eye contact.
If you gaze away while speaking to someone, you will lose the effort of charming them.
The eyes convey a deep message and you will have to get comfortable with it.

4. Learn to read the room

The charismatic person is rarely the loudest or the quietest person.
He is the person who knows how to blend in the room just enough to get extra attention,
but not too much to seem like a fool.

5. Avoid Arguments at All Costs

Arguing almost never brings you out in a good light.
Even if you have won the other person over, there will always be a slight resentment left.
Avoid arguing and keep it for the fools and common people.

6. Act generously

Your generosity should be a flag you carry proudly.
Avoid arguing about pennies and small change – always give a little more and act from a state
of abundance.
I bet you have never met a charismatic cheep-skate.

7. Move in Silence

Always keep something up in your sleeve, a secret plan, a big move you can dazzle the crowds
Build strategically with your partners, but never share your plans with the public.

8. Create an air of mystery

A hint of mystery will make others’ minds go crazy with anticipation.
They will never know exactly what you are made of and be hypnotized by your enigmatic
nature. Use it to your advantage.

11. Always play with the cards you’re handled

You won’t always get the perfect hand, but you have to learn how to use every hand in your
When in doubt, even letting others strategically win in certain situations can massively profit
you when the right time comes.

12. Develop a strong personality

At the end of the day, if all you have is just a grand show people will start noticing your act
through the cracks.
You have to tap into your deeper self and act from a place of real belief in your journey and

13. Lift others that are behind you

The most charismatic people are able to lift others with them.
As a rising tide, your ability to raise other ships with you is important for your success. They
will become your biggest allies.

14. Learn from those ahead of you

Only the fool believes he has nothing left to learn.
Always seek more advice and deeper knowledge, those who are ahead of you are the best
source for that.

15. Develop a Strong voice

Your voice is one of the most powerful vehicles for conveying your message.
Start speaking loudly and clearly, with unwavering confidence.
Working with a voice coach if you have to – is a great one I recommend.

14. Study the art of body language

Learn how to spot body language signals in others, and how you can use signals and cues to
your advantage.
Learn when it’s time to back off and when it’s time to go in for the kill.

15. Create a deeper, lasting connection

You can create a strong and deep connection with others by remembering their name, their
favorite activities, and things they find valuable.
It takes some practice but will make you stand out from the crowd.

16. Learn to become formless

The last and most secret weapon in your arsenal is to become shapeless and formless.
Assume nothing, and learn to adapt to any situation. You are never rigid or hard as a stone,
rather fluid and flexible like water.

The most charismatic people are also those who have the strongest vision.
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