Attention Self-Improvers, Solopreneurs, or Aspiring to Become One:

"Discover the Secrets of Programming Your Subconscious mind for Influence, Power, and Success to Create the 2.0 Version of You In 8 Weeks Without reading 100’s of Self-Help & Business books, or spending years on dead end-strategies"

You will get Life & Business Changing results with my program in 4-8 weeks or we keep working together for free until you do.

You will get Life & Business Changing results with my program in 4-8 weeks
Or we keep working together for free until you do.

My Friend, If you are currently:

→ Suffering from limiting beliefs & doubts about money, growth, and success

→ Struggling to generate the income you want & know you can make on a consistent basis

→ Struggling to manifest your ideal reality and bring your goals and dreams to life

→ Lacking clarity on your purpose, vision, and goals

→ Don’t believe you deserve success

→ Working for long-long hours but struggling to connect the dots with little to no results

→ In need of a Highly-Personalized, complete system & Plan with a step-by-step blueprint to get your life in order and\or monetize and scale your business to new heights

→ Battling procrastination on the things you KNOW will move the needle for 10x growth in your life & business

→ Lacking personal influence & effortless magnetism due to not aligning with your inner world and flow state

→ Finding it hard to set the right intention for your mission and daily\weekly\monthly\yearly plan

Then it’s time to stop the pain.
I can help you grow your business, mindset, and well-being to new heights.

Just think about how much this is costing you...

Write down your average monthly income over the last 12 months. Then write down what you want your average monthly income to be. 

Let’s say that your average income is $2000 per month, and your goal is actually to make $10,000 per month in your business. 

That means the gap between where you are and where you want to be is $8,000 per month. You’re paying a cost of $8,000 every month you don’t solve this problem of anxiety, limiting beliefs, and lack of systemization of your life & business. 

Even more so, you are paying a mental price for all the worry, self-doubt, and frustration you’re experiencing. You are paying in precious time that will never come back.


With my unique Program Mind & Business Alchemy, we will take you from Confusion, Lack of clarity, No results, and self-doubt to a Successful, Killer-Machine Mindset ready to Create, Systemize, and Produce consistent Results in your business & life goals in 4-8 weeks.

Allow me to introduce myself real quick…

Hey, nice to meet you, I’m Aaron, Aka Limitless Reader

I was never a leader growing up.

This all changed when I entered the military at the age of 18

People all around me were scared, struggling, and worried

We we’re yelled at, screamed at, and punished like small children.

One day I went back home and I started cracking down in front of my father…

My father was a high-ranked officer in the army as well in the past.

I’ll never forget the words he told me:

“Man up Son.

When you go back,

Put the knife between your teeth, Get that fire in your eyes,

and GO GET IT.”

When I heard that, something inside me instantly flipped. 

Nothing was the same when I went back…

“In the midst of chaos lies opportunity”

Suddenly in this chaotic experience

I realized there was a new opportunity,

An opportunity to rise to the occasion,

and seize unlimited leadership, influence, and power

I realized this was the biggest gift I ever got

The opportunity to change,

and transform myself into the man I want to become,

to make a legend out of myself

In the midst of training, I started reading all the books about power, influence, human nature, psychology, the mind, war etc

I became obsessed with gaining power, learning strategy, and moving people in the direction I saw fit.

With the quick implementation of the material and the mindsets required

I rose to the ranks very fast.

After only 1 year I was sent to commander school

And successfully became one of the youngest commanders of all time in my unit

After leading a small group of 5 men on regular missions for a while

I advanced fairly quickly to a higher position

And became a sergeant for an entire class of over 20 men

Then I was honorably discharged from the army.
I thought I was at the top of the world, but little did I know...

I had to start my way all over again as a struggling Web-Designer looking to make an income in the online world. 

The start was painfully hard, frustrating, and full of doubt.

 I can still remember the long nights looking for clients, struggling with limiting beliefs, and worrying if I would make it through the next month

It took me around 1.5(!) years to figure out how to get consistent success with clients and sales in place.

Then over time as I grew my base in the web design world,

 I reignited my purpose and personal love for writing

I started all over AGAIN for the 3rd time to create my brand – Limitless Reader – where I talk mostly about my biggest interest and passion: the human mind, psychology, and Subconscious programming to achieve personal and business success. 

Once again, I had to start from scratch, and learn the fundamentals of personal branding and social media influence to get to the point where I’m at today with a business that produces consistent results: increasing revenue, happy clients, and daily growth.

You see, I don’t think the success I’ve experienced is a coincidence…

Throughout all my personal and business success there is 1 common theme –

Everything changed for me when I managed to reprogram my subconscious mind, beliefs, and ways of thinking, only then things rapidly improved in my life for the better:

  • I became an army commander & built 2 successful online businesses
  • I built 35K+ loyal audience on Twitter
  • My income & investments grew substantially over time
  • I built a healthy body & mind
  • I wrote several books, products, masterminds, and programs to help 100’s+ of people along my way
  • I developed a powerful network to help each other go even higher

Nowadays, I’m a Personal-Development & Branding consultant for Solopreneurs and Personal brands who want to take their life & business to the next level – Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

I’m not telling you all of this to show off or brag, but to show you – no matter where you’re at right now, you can change as well. It’s all your choice, and you’ve already made an incredible decision if you’re reading this page. 

With my program, you can develop your own Personal & Professional success in a personalized, systemized method – step-by-step with my 1:1 continued guidance and support.

But don't take my word for this. Here are some of the results of people I worked with before:

So now you must be asking...

What's in it for me? What exactly do I get?

Here’s exactly what you’ll get during the 4-8 weeks we’ll spend together:

In the 4 week program:

  • Learn how to Find your BIG Why and inspiring, lifelong purpose
  • Discover your unique talents and gifts (that’s worth more than gold)
  • Identify and capitalize on your personal strengths + weaknesses
  • Find your unique edge by uncovering your big wins and compliments
  • Create your 5, 10-year & Lifelong vision in less than 1 hour to serve as your north star in good and bad times
  • Completely cement your vision in your subconscious mind to accelerate it into reality
  • Develop a 4-5 step strategic plan to succeed in realizing your goals – and make it easy to stay consistent with
  • Eliminate all negative energy with 3 simple techniques that only improve over time
  • Learn how to feel 8x more grateful and happy about life by applying one special 5 minute framework
  • Create a FRESH ground for growth by eliminating past conditioning, bad habits, and traumatic events in 2 powerful steps
  • Discover the unique framework to rewrite your story of the past, present, and futures, to unlock new opportunities and blessings
  • Destroy and rewire your limiting beliefs with 1 simple journaling trick 
  • Unlock the classified army method to INSTALL new beliefs, mindsets, and Ideas deep into your subconscious mind for extreme growth
  • The classified method I learned in the army to remove self-doubt FOR GOOD and increase your self-confidence
  • How to set your intention and thoughts to create miracles and make your goals meet you halfway every single day, for the rest of your life.
  • The secrets to taking control over your reality and directing it to your own will for the short, mid, and long term
  • The forbidden guide to manifesting and building the life of your dreams without relying on luck
  • Evolve to new spiritual, mental, and physical capabilities by advancing your cognitive and consciousness abilities and tapping into the depths of your subconscious mind
  •  How to know what another person is thinking just by observing (HINT: This goes against conventional body language wisdom…)
  • Learn how to get 10X more stuff done daily than the average person with the Productivity Command Center
  • If you think you’re surrounded by negative people everyday, I’ll show you TWO advanced mind mastery techniques that you can help them, and they’ll be grateful to you forever!
  • The FIVE language patterns you can learn today to become a master communicator… instantly!
  • How to eliminate procrastination in yourself (and your clients) so you can complete more of the important things in your life…
  • The best ROI habits to shift into your new 2.0 Identity and stay their for life. (Or at least until you create the 3.0v)
In the 8 week program you get ALL OF THE ABOVE and also:
  • Build a content based online business, based on your unique talents, gifts, strengths, and interests and get paid HANDSOMELY to do what you love
  • Learn how to build and set up a systemized, repeatable, online business, services, and solutions to generate 4 & 5 figures monthly by working 8-10 hours a week
  • Identify your unique, personalized niche, that will help you set yourself above the herd
  • Define your “Ideal Client” to create perfect content and offers that will help them the most
  • Learn the 7 secrets to create cult like brands that people become obssesed with and can’t resist coming back for more
  • Discover the 3 tactics to craft a potent message that your audience won’t be able to forget (Even if they try)
  • Find your unique voice, edge and message to make your brand personal and avoid sounding like a bot
  • Craft Magnetic content that hypnotizes your audience to the screen and to your offers, products, and services
  • Create a consistent content strategy & system for the next 4 years
  • The 4 step formula to Master the art of networking to create a strong group of friends to grow with together
  • Unlock the secret content creation method to generate true fans
  • Discover the IDEA VAULT to generate infinite unique ideas for content, products, emails, and all your business systems
  • Build a robust system for endless content creation, and repurpose your content across various channels
  • Learn the fundamentals of branding, design, and vibe creation to dominate any social platform you’re on
  • Discover your unique archetypal nature to differentiate your brand from the rest, As Nike, Google, McDonalds, Apple and so on do
  • Craft professional offers that make your customers quickly pull their credit cards and smash the “Pay” button
  • Unlock the 3 DM secrets that will make people reply and get on calls with you
  • Learn how to sell on calls like a pro and make your prospects say HELL YES to your services
  • How to get results for your clients FAST, without all the bells and whistles
  • Your audience (1-to-1 or 1-to-many) are distracted by a million other things all the time. How to get them to focus on you by using a simple technique…
  • Gain the knowledge to build a brand that is worth potentially MILLIONS of dollars in the future
  • How knowing the differences between the conscious and subconscious mind will get others to accept your suggestions… effortlessly…
  • Learn how to influence your followers, fans, and customers to love your offers and become repeat customers

And if you're wondering about the learning process...

Here's How the Mind & Business Alchemy program works:

Week 1: Programming Your Vision

Discover how to program your grand vision for the future so you will always know what to do, where you’re going, and what you need to execute on next for success. Gain INSANE clarity on your life’s purpose and the unique gifts you possess to build your life with.

Week 2: Reprograming your subconscious mind

Get started with reprogramming your subconscious mind. Install any new belief, mindset, and behavior that will advance you quickly towards your goals. You’ll be able to create incredible results with this framework and eliminate 100% of the negativity and limiting beliefs in your life. 

You’ll be able to destroy any problem you have, build the life and business you truly want, 10x your personal finances, gain the relationships and friends you desire, and conquer any challenge in the way. 

Success is a matter of designing the right mindset and lifestyle and this is what you’ll learn in the process.

Week 3: Program, Influence, and Persuade others

In order to secure your success, you’ll need to be able to communicate and influence others effectively. In this process you will learn how to program others in a way that benefits you, and bend reality to your will (You must promise to use this in ethical ways). You’ll discover how to control a person’s state of mind and focus at anytime, making them TRUST and LIKE you. You’ll never have to wonder why others aren’t interested in what you have to say again

Week 4: Program your Identity, Systems, and High ROI Habits for Massive Success

In the last week of our program, we are going to fortify your new 2.0 Identity with the systems and habits needed to create continuous, massive success FOR LIFE. You’ll gain tools to program your new life and stay on track long after we finish our work together.

We can end the program here if you're only interested in a huge personal transformation...

Or we can take it to the next level and work for 4 more weeks designed for Solopreneurs (or Aspiring to become one) looking for a complete online business transformation:

Week 5: Identifying Your High Value Niche

During this stage, we will identify and sharpen your unique niche, edge, your audience and communication style. 
Together we will craft your powerful message and research the best markets to receive it for better sales, conversions, and impactful opportunities.

Week 6: Creating Your Personal Brand Story

Every successful brand needs a story, an attractive character, a journey, a strong resonant message, and a creed. During this stage we will dive deeply into your brand’s unique value proposition, angle, positioning and it’s personal assets that will differentiate you from the herd. We’ll create your social profiles\sharpen them if you have one, and lay the bricks for exponential growth.

Week 7: Building Your Content Creation System

During this stage, we will talk mainly about your content pillars, content strategies and big ideas that will create TRUE FANS for your brand. We’ll go through the systems needed to create, deliver, and distribute content effortlessly, that attracts attention and paying customers. We will also study automation and ways to repurpose your content on other platforms.

Week 8: Crafting Your Offer, Funnels & Sales System

At this stage after the bricks of growth will be set, you will learn all about how to craft converting offers, MVP’s, pricing your offers, building engagement and hype on your products for effortless launches, how to create amazing products that people love, how to systemize and craft your sales funnels, and how to promote your course in the most efficient ways. You will also learn how to check your on the right track and moving towards your targets at all time.

On Top of the program's Deep Material & Curriculum you will get:

  • A Weekly 1 Hour Call to guide, clarify, and direct you with the material (Extra calls available as needed)
  • Daily Ongoing Chat support for any questions, insights, or advice needed
  • A designated website with the materials to track your progress
  • Clear challenges, exercises and objectives to keep you on track
  • Accountability and tracking to make sure you accomplish your goals
  • Central Command Dashboard templates for tracking your daily goals, plans, and new-formed habits
  • 4 Bonus recordings of Guest Experts in several niches dropping value & wisdom
  • Lifetime access to the material of the Program
  • Extremely valuable and classified assets, tools, and frameworks for mental & business alchemy
  • + High-Value Bonuses With your membership (expanded below)

Don't worry if you can't decide right now between the 4 or 8 week program. I will help you see what fits you the most in our Free 30 minutes Strategy Call.

My Guaranteee

If you don't get Life & Business changing results we keep working for FREE until you do.

100% Risk FREE for you!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!  If you go through the materials and you’re not absolutely thrilled with the program, strategies, and lessons, we will keep going until you get the results you desire. There’s no way you can lose here.

If you need more confidence, here are even more reviews from Limitless Reader Students & Supporters:

Don't worry if you can't decide right now between the 4 or 8 week program. I will help you see what fits you the most in our Free 30 minutes Strategy Call.

The Special Bonuses Mind & Business Alchemy Students get:

#1: You're getting The Treasure Map

Usually Sold For $33 USD

The flagship program that helped more than 100 students transform their lives completely. 

If you want to take a shortcut to find your purpose & special edge, The Treasure Map 🧭🗺️ Will help you.

An actionable guide to help you:

1. Find your unique talents & gifts
2. Build your lifelong vision
3. Create a strategic plan for success

#2: You're getting Skyrocket your sales

Usually Sold For $45 USD

Learn how to sell like it’s your birth-right, increase profits in your business and build a thriving system of non-stop clients and sales.

Inside The 5-step sales method-
Step 1: Target Audience + Build An Avatar
Step 2: Marketing channels
Step 3: Marketing language
Step 4: What are you REALLY selling?
Step 5: Become a paying customer + DM Mastery
Secret Bonus


#3: You're getting Limitless Magazine

Usually Sold For $14 USD

Limitless Magazine presents original, and unique content on Psychology, Self-Development, Spirituality, and Human Nature.

Go on a magical journey to escape the ordinary and take a deep dive into a world of colors, sights, and insights that will expand your mind and alter your reality.

Don't worry if you can't decide right now between the 4 or 8 week program. I will help you see what fits you the most in our Free 30 minutes Strategy Call.

You've got questions? I have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the program you get access to my course site on Thinkific with all the material laid out in a lovely, highly digestible way. The Thinkific platform allows you to track your progress and have an excellent learning experience – it will make sure you are on track and absorbing as much of the materials. 

You also get lifetime access to all the materials. 

Our calls will be set for once a week in a designated time, and we will do them on Telegram voice chat, or another platform if Telegram is not possible for you.

You can access me 24/7 on chat during the period of our coaching and also afterwards for any other questions, advice, and help you need, I’m here for you to succeed. 

You will also get extra calls as needed if you find a certain issue pressing and need more clarity – it’s not a fast and quick factory I’m producing, but your success we’re talking about here.

This is why I do not take more than 5 people each month – so you can get a premium experience

Whether you are choosing the  4 or 8-week program, you’re heading into complete life transformation to reprogram your subconscious mind for success. 

In the 4 week you will: 

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your future based on a powerful purpose, and a divine mission to work towards
  • Remove any negativity, doubt, limiting beliefs and bad habits
  • Build supreme confidence and self-belief
  • Develop influential habits and ways of communication
  • Enhance your natural born charisma and integrate your personal archetypes
  • Learn the systems and frameworks winners use to get maximum productivity and results in their life
  • Learn how to program your subconscious mind with any belief, mindset, behavior or habit – with EASE. 
  • Influence yourself, friends, and others to do as you COMMAND
  • Program your new identity for endless streaks of success, power, charisma, and growth

On the 8 week you get all of the above and learn how to: 

  • build enhance and create a personal brand to earn a high income doing what you love
  • Create your personal story, symbolism, deep ideas that stick in people’s minds and make them want to buy from you
  • Build a personalized content system that suits your style and preferred communication method
  • Craft winning offers, and funnels, and develop sales systems to sustain your lifestyle as you want it 

And so much more

Yes. I guarantee you will – the reason is that using my unique frameworks, you’ll learn how to shatter all those limiting beliefs one by one, and install new powerful mindsets as a way of life, daily, and ascend to new heights. 

By the end of the program, clarity and understanding of yourself and your vision will be unmatched to anything you’ve experienced before.

Just one session together will already help you gain clarity that people search for years to gain – that’s my speciality and gift – and you’re getting so much more than one session. 

I’ve done all of this myself. 
I created the type of life and business that allows me to work when I want, how I want, and on the things I love, and get paid 24/7 by sharing my knowledge, wisdom, and skills. 

I have studied psychology my whole life, both self-studied and formally, and I have created my own powerful systems to get through limiting beliefs, challenges, and pains. 

I know how to guide you exactly to the target you desire while helping you crush your goals and any obstacle holding you back – just check out my free content, some people say it is even better than paid courses, I’ll leave it for you to judge. 

My work is to get you to your goals and I devote myself completely to seeing you win, I will not leave you until you do – and that is my special talent and gift – to help you create clarity and get amazing results in the fastest way possible.

You don’t need to have a business. The product is modular, so if you are looking for self-transformation and development you can go for the 4-week program.

In case you don’t have a business but are aspiring to build one, the 8 week program will be great for you as we will lay the foundations for your business growth.

The answer is, depends. 

The truth is that for you to create an online income you need a valuable skill\offer in place, that people are willing to invest in, and will produce great results for them! So, if you already have a background and experience in a high value skill – for example: Web design, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Coaching, Graphic design… Etc – with the toolset you’ll learn, you may be able to land clients at the end of the Mastermind or even before it.

Even if you don’t have an offer, or skill, we’ll learn how to acquire a great valuable skill based on your strengths and interests and land offers by the end of the Mastermind or a bit after.

There are many more techniques like affiliate marketing, creating your own products, and communities, ranging from beginner to advanced. 

So it’s important for me to mention this – I’m not selling you a get-rich-quick scheme – but if you wish to – with the tools you’ll learn, making money eventually will be a guarantee – whether now or in the near future 2-6 months.

Yes, it is. In my program, you’ll gain tools to create a deep, lasting impact on your brand and business. You will go from just another personal brand in the sea of competitors to a unique, highly impactful, and influential brand. 

In addition to that, if you’re not getting the results you want to get in your online business, I will give you the tools and systems needed to succeed along with the mindset and programming tools to aid your journey.

Get exclusive access to more opportunities

Future Perks

Still Here?

If you have any more questions or requests – let me know. DM me on Twitter @limitlessreader or shoot [email protected] an email and I’ll answer shortly!

If you’re set, book a free strategy call and prepare for an amazing adventure together.

The best thing about this program? It's all practical and to the point. Change and Transformation doesn't have to take years like we were programmed to think. You will get IMMEDIATE RESULTS with the tools and exercises I share with you inside.

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