We live in a world of abundance with endless possibilities, we can go anywhere we want, do what we want, think, read, create and destroy – whatever we want.

It is a great feeling, a feeling of power and commandment on reality.

We feel as if we are an endless being with unlimited resources and that sooner or later, we will get to everything we want.

The problem is that can’t be farther from the truth.

We are led astray by these thoughts.

We cannot do everything and be anywhere. We are finite beings and we have to choose our mission carefully and diligently in order to find fulfillment and success.

The people who do command reality are those who work to their goals and perfect their craft every single day, those who are pursuing mastery.

It is fine to be interested in multiple disciplines, but it may harm you if you spread yourself too thinly across them.

What we do today dictates how we move forward tomorrow, and one road leads to another. We can never walk back. We might never find the road we didn’t take.

Choose carefully. Choose intentionally and with the full understanding of what you want to achieve.

We may call this process “Regret Minimization”

What can you do today, to minimize your regret in the future, or perhaps eliminate it?

What is the one thing in your life that you will be proud to do – considering you cannot do anything else?

These are not trivial questions but they are necessary for us to live a life of purpose, mastery, and achievement.