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Recommended Resources

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Unlock Your Potential, Find your purpose, and Transform Your Life with The Treasure Map

What Others Say:

The Treasure Map is proven psychology-based program developed with real-life experience of more than 50+ transformation stories and deep psychology research.

If you are stuck, unfocused, lacking clarity in life, and feel like what you are doing isn’t working then this is the program for you.

Learn how to understand yourself, your gifts, talents, strengths and skills, Define your purpose and create a strong vision and goals for the future, and take extreme action with the Central Command Dashboard, a planner on STEROIDS. 

You also get guides on meditation, reading, visualization, mantras destroying limiting beliefs, brand building, and more to help you create your transformation, make your goals a reality and build a dream life. 

With The Treasure Map, you go in at point A – confused and lost, and come out at point B READY TO CONQUER AND CARVE YOUR PATH TO VICTORY

When you finish the program you will come out with insane clarity and drive to achieve your goals. 

Check it out here for the full details.


Twitter Resources

Build your social media Brand - Start Making Money on Twitter

Here are some of the best courses I use for Twitter growth. 

Each of these courses presents a unique angle and different strategies to develop your brand and start making money on Twitter.

What I love most about them is that their tactics work very fast and efficiently for anyone using them. 

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Investing and Building Wealth

Start here with articles and guides that will show you how to get your money working for you. 
Making money is nice but you have to start getting your money to produce more money in your sleep.
I also work 1:1 with individuals who need help getting started in their wealth-building journey.

Click here to DM me if you need personal guided help so I can help you get started.

Investing –

• How to Build wealth over time – The road to a wealthy life
• How to Invest Wisely 

Crypto –

• The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrencies
• The Best Crypto Portfolio in 2021: Chosen Crypto portfolios
• How to Easily Create a Metamask Crypto Wallet

Saving More Money –

• How to save more money – 8 best tips to save more in 2021
• How to generate multiple sources of income