1. Define your values

Your set of values is the pillar of your character. They define what you stand for and what’s important for you in life. Make a list of 5 values that resonate with you and build from there.

2. Find your purpose

I want you to take half an hour each and every day to sit quietly and write – what the hell are you on this earth to achieve? What are you here to accomplish – if there were absolutely no limits?

3. Create a vision

After you identified your values and purpose – it’s time to create a vision. What does your perfect world look like? How are you living, acting, moving, and talking in this perfect world? Take your time with this.

4. Build a visual board of your goals

Now is the time to break down that vision into smaller goals that are: 1. Measurable 2. Attainable 3. In your control. “Get Fit” – is a bad goal. “Train x3 times a week” – is a good goal.

5. Practice meditation

This one activity will bring you joy, prosperity, and happiness in abundance in your life. Start meditating even if it’s for 5 minutes a day. Your brain will literally rewire in the process and create a calmer and better YOU.

6. Develop strong habits

Your habits are what determine your success. You have to create a good base for yourself to build upon. If your plans are amazing, but your habits suck – you will always go in the wrong direction.

7. Become and stay Disciplined

Now you have everything in order – the only thing left to do is to EXECUTE. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Without excuses. You cannot rely on motivation alone, you will need to develop an iron discipline that moves you to action automatically.

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