Forget everything you’ve known about branding

Most people think that branding just means having a fancy logo, a tagline, and maybe a few brand guidelines to follow. 

This can’t be further from the truth.

Branding is definitely a game of appearances, but more than that – it’s a game of seduction, a game of perceptions. Branding is the art of war, the war on prime real estate in your mind. 

There is a great amount of work and strategy needed in order to develop a strong brand that leaves its mark on your target’s heart, mind, and soul. 

Hacking into your subconscious mind

You see, the greatest brands on earth all know that, and they all have ways of hacking into your subconscious mind, without you even noticing this happening. 

For you to understand their methods and how you can apply them in your own brand you need to understand the human mind, psychology, and how the subconscious mind works on a deeply ingrained level. 

You see, branding is not a game of marketing and dazzling – it is the game of leaving a strong imprint on the subconscious mind, an imprint that will leave its mark forever (or as long as possible) so that the target will not stand a chance against resisting.

A good brand will live in its target’s mind for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years after encountering it “Rent Free” as the worn-out cliche suggests.

Cliff note: you’ll come to learn that cliches are memorable for a reason, mainly because they touch on an essential truth.

In order to penetrate the mind of the consumer, the brand needs to have a strong psychological identity and symbolism that hit the right notes immediately. The better and stronger the brand is built in the “Back-end” the stronger its impression will be in the front end. 

As we said, branding is a game of perceptions. It’s more about strategy, war, and influence than marketing, tricks, and ads (not that they’re not useful in the game of branding and business). 

Honestly, anyone can create a decent ad, a nice logo, or a catchy tag line – but without a STRONG PERCEPTION of the brand backing it up, the ad’s content won’t penetrate deep , deep, down into the subconscious mind, where the magic happens. Where the hearts are swayed, and impulse decisions are made. 

The reason that this happens is that humans are far more emotional than they care to admit. Humans are emotional beings that believe they are logical and rational beings. 

Remember this – as it’s going to be a powerful concept when understood and mastered. 

The Reptilian Brain (Or wherever the emotions are)

Humans are firstly captured by emotions, and only then convinced by logic. This is something I have learned time and time again in life. 

Think about your first crush.

You probably put them on a pedestal and created idealistic versions of them in your mind. It was pure emotion that moved you to raise them to such a status. Is there anything logical about being in that state of mind? We can argue about this matter. Nevertheless, after falling for the emotion, you’ve probably convinced yourself with logic. 

“Oh she’s so pretty and kind” 

“He’s so smart and handsome” 

“They will be the best person to hang out with on Fridays and watch movies together” 

The rationalization part only appears after the emotions have been in check. This has been proven time and time again in behavioral studies.

Again, this happens because you are an emotional being – and not as rational you want to believe you are. 

If everyone was rational there were no more wars, life would be pretty predictable, and everyone would live in a utopian-like world.

The truth is we’re still moving through our world with an old hardware brain that tends to go haywire whenever certain signals hit it. It’s uncontrollable at times – we have the same brain and operating systems that our ancestor’s thousands of years ago possessed. 

This is another key to remember when we go to brand ourselves, a company, or a business. We are social creatures with brains that have certain quirks we can either ignore or take advantage of. 

Such an example could be the fact that we are hyper-persuaded by pain avoidance rather than pleasure-seeking – and we’re also very prone to social proof and close friends’ suggestions. If you want to talk more on how you can elicit these strong feelings with your brand and make it irresistible to your clients, you can book a free strategy call with me here to see if I can help you

What we see vs what’s inside

Most people going to build their brand only focus on surface level ideas: 

  • Their logo
  • The aesthetics
  • The slogan
  • Etc

But they never stop to consider what really makes a brand truly come to life… 

What animates it and makes it RELATABLE, MEMORABLE, and ADDICTIVE -> almost irresistible to come back to:

  • The feeling
  • The identity
  • The purpose, vision, values
  • The style & communication
  • The depth of ideas and positioning

It’s almost impossible to build an impactful, lasting brand with the superficial surface level ideas that most people, new creators, and new business cling to. 

I know that this can get super confusing really fast, if you’re feeling confused and lost with your brand or want to find your unique vantage point you can always schedule a free strategy call with me to see if I can help you here.

The “Creator Craze” 

It’s evident that the “Creator Craze” is all over the place.

Reminds me of the gold rush stories… From the Tulip Bubble in the Netherlands to the actual California 18th century gold rush, to modern versions of crypto and internet ponzies

Everyone is building their “personal brand”…

But in truth, they’re building on a house of cards, with unsustainable tactics and strategies, that demand endless efforts and time investment..

And the moment the cog-wheel stops working for a second…


They’re gone. No one will remember who they were or wtf they even stand for.

They’re just another cog in the machine, the algorithms, the social media sites, the big media corporations that profit on their backs. 

Because unfortunately, they haven’t studied the deep psychology, the basic desires and incentives through which the human mind and brain work with for 1000’s of years now. 

It’s the real sauce that everyone neglects to cover. 

It’s not about writing more, posting more, or creating more ideas… There are plenty of these.

Honestly, I’ve been stuck in this loop for a long time, but real influence cannot be gained that way. 

And let me tell you something, real influence can be measured with its weight in GOLD. Solid gold. If you have REAL influence in the day and age of media, in the attention economy, if people are inspired & persuaded by your vision and ideas -> You’re in the top 0.01% of “Personal brands” “creators” and other modern terms for online business\entrepeneurs. 

Being a “creator” is hard, and it’s not a rewarding job for the vast majority. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

As a matter of fact, the array of skills you need to learn and pick up could easily take a team of 5-10 media\creative\marketing workers in a small media company. 

But hey, you’re a creator, and you can do whatever you want, with your free time… Right? 

Stop for a minute to really think. Stop believing – Start thinking. 

The real idea that I want you to take from here is to think about it this way:

Do you really buy the idea that “everyone can win”? 

I hope you answered Yes. Because the answer is HECK Yes.

But you know what, if you answered NO, you’re also right because there’s some nuance here…

Maybe, everyone can win. But winning is not a size fits. Some might be able to make a modest living from online endeavors or from building a personal brand.

It’s truly possible, but the vast majority won’t get rich or famous, these are just facts, harsh facts, but the truth -> Because in order to be rich, someone else has to be “poor”, see the dichotomy? 

But there’s more to this than meets the eye

Stop believing every BS someone with many followers online is telling you.

The creator economy is a new name for BS. 

I’ve already mentioned a few of them, the gold rush craze, the bitcoin craze, etc. 

The “Digital Writer”, The 4-hour worker, it’s all another BS term for soulless ideas.

Nothin really changed. The road to success takes effort and time, and a willingness to grow and evolve on all dimensions. 

Anything less is showmanship to persuade you into buying things you don’t really need.

 Let’s let the fake notions go here in our new adventure, and bring back real essence shall we? 

Real craftmenship. Real Mastery. Real building. Real growing. Real evolving. Not quick fixes and hacks that are nothing but a robbery of the journey one has to go through in our world. 

Not “Creator Economy”. More like – The Modern Renneasince!

I have nothing against hacks and tricks when appropriate, and success can and should come fast and hard -> But I hope you get the gist of where I’m coming from, and understanding the nuance standing behind my words.. (If not.. Oh well. go watch a quick fix tiktok instead)

What didn’t change, and what do you need to capitalize on

What didn’t change for millenniums though, is the fact that the human mind is prone to suggestions, symbolism, perceptions, and new movements with big, revolutionary ideas (with substance). 

What you really need if you want to develop a REAL BRAND is INFLUENCE. PERSUASION. MIND HACKING. PSYCHOLOGY. A REAL BRANDING STRATEGY… if you will. 

This is essentially the art of branding – and it has brought you so far while reading this letter. 

Yes, I am using age-old tactics to touch your very core and talk directly into your mind, in a way that the message is received. 

If you’ve come so far, you’re probably rather enjoying my message. If not, then you’re always welcome to leave… It’s not that you’re held with a gun to your head and forced to read this, don’t you? (Metaphorically speaking ofc)

You might also want to discover how you can take all this information and implement it in your brand, in a proven, step-by-step method that will make your brand live in people’s minds 24/7. Book a free strategy call with me here and we’ll discuss further to see if I can help you do that.

The Subconscious Mind is always listening

What I want you to realize from this day on is that your subconscious mind is an instrument that can serve you in more ways than you realize, whether in life, in business, or specifically in branding. 

Its power is immeasurable, and it is always listening and recording the notions from your environment. 

I urge you to leave this letter with one small idea, that may change your life forever. 

For the next 7 days, journal every brand you’ve interacted with during the day. 

It can either be in an ad, a brand you used, or a brand you consider buying and so on. 

Now, figure out what stands out in that brand. What drew you in? What makes you want to come back\stay away from that brand? What makes you ACTUALLY remember the brand? 

The subconscious mind will tell & show you new and incredible insights. 

Closing thoughts

There is a tight, secretive, unspoken connection between branding, psychology, and the human mind. For those willing to go the extra step to explore it with me together, great discoveries and treasures await on the other side. 

I want to bring you the deepest, most secretive insights into the inner world of branding and the subconscious mind while making you both a better person and helping you develop a unique, magnetic, irresistible, and attractive brand in the process

The Secret Letters are for anyone who’s interested in:

  • Building their own brand from scratch (New or Old)
  • Improving their current brand
  • Understanding the human mind, subconscious, mind hacking
  • Gain more influence, persuasion, and improve communication skills
  • Dive into the spirit world, mind programming, beliefs, etc
  • Branding strategy, positioning, and branding psychology, and cool storied
  • Forbidden Subconscious mind, branding, books, and some magic secrets

And a few more gems here and there, you can never know where inspiration strikes.

Each letter is here to come back to explore and research… But I cannot promise they will stay here forever, in this format, for the wide public’s eye and for free. Some of the letters will be too potent for the public and may come out as paid letters.

This knowledge can potentially change and transform lives in a devastating way that I do not intend for anyone to use against others. By reading this you’re pledging to always use this knowledge for a force of good, or else you will take responsibility for any consequences.

I hope you enjoyed the first secret letter. 

More to come. 

Talk soon,

Limitless Reader

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