One of the most fundamental books I’ve read lately is The Map of Consciousness Explained by David Hawkins, in today’s newsletter I want to share with you a deep breakdown of this book and concept.

His work can benefit and help everyone to accept themselves, the world, and other people in a better way and develop a life of complete bliss, fulfillment, abundance, and growth.

A few words about the work of Hawkins

David R. Hawkins was a great spiritual teacher, psychiatrist, researcher, and a profound human being that managed to share his deep insights on human consciousness through various inspiring and unique books such as Power vs Force, The I in the Eye, Letting go, and many more. Hawkins contributed an immense body of work that we can all study and gather powerful insights from.

In The Map of Consciousness Explained, Hawkins goes on to teach us about the levels of consciousness, how they relate to us and our lives and how we can use this knowledge to understand life on a deeper level…

The Map of Consciousness and the knowledge it contains can help you grow yourself as a human being, become happier, more abundant, joyful, and prosperous in life… and more aware in general.

Hawkins also teaches the true power we have in life and how we can share it with others once we grasp it.

In this article, I want to bring a few of the points he shared in this book along with my insights that you can take with you and potentially change how you view life forever.

Let’s start by explaining the map itself

According to the map of consciousness we are all born on a certain level of consciousness as illustrated on the map. Every person is different in that sense, and MOST people’s level of consciousness tends to stay fairly the same throughout life – only moving by a mere ~5 points on average!

The map itself describes the different emotions tied to a numbers scale, from 1-1000, where below 200 people live on a survival-based existence, and above 200 on a more co-operative, pro-life existence.

The level of 200 is in fact one of the most important points on the map. It is the level of courage, where individuals are able to transcend the negative emotions of anger, pride, hate, guilt, shame, and so forth – and move from a downward spiral to an upward spiral. They begin accepting life as more than a survival\war game and to see the more civilized and positive aspects of life.

Now, something that’s important to note is that the map of consciousness is in fact based on a logarithmic scale. That means that every advance in consciousness even by a few points is incredible, and means the individual has made great progress.

Another important thing to take in mind is that 85%(!) of the world’s population is located below the level of courage, of 200 – which means they are living in a more fearful, negative paradigm.

Do you realize now why so many people in the world are in a constant fight-flight experience, in survival-based living, and in a very negative state of mind?

Only around 15% of the world has transcended the critical level of 200, the level of integrity, and lives in a completely different paradigm. The higher levels above 500 which is the level of love are even less occupied.

At the top of the scale from 700+ live the most enlightened beings in our world.

The avatars – Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, and so forth were the most enlightened beings to have ever walked the earth calibrated at the levels of 1000 – the highest level humans can calibrate on.

To add to that, the higher you go up the scale the fewer people you’ll find there. This makes sense, again, taking in mind the nature of our existence is survival based, and only then can we occupy our mind with intellect, and perhaps eventually explore the more spiritual world, which is brought forth through lots of inner work and intention.

There isn’t better or worse

Now you might be reading this and thinking to yourself “wow, the lower levels are completely bad, and the higher levels are so much better” – well, from this way of thinking Hawkins tries to warn us, or more accurately move us to a less biased world view.

You see, our world needs balance. Obviously, if we could just turn everyone into enlightened with a snap of the finger some may argue it would be more favorable, but this is just the lens of our egoic mind, which needs to label things as good or bad.

In reality, there is no preference. Things arise as phenomena that just “Are” and aren’t inherently good or bad. It’s just our perception and filters that have the desire to label it and color it in our favor.

This is something we may want to remove if our goal is to ascend higher on the map because the more we cling to the idea that being on a higher consciousness level makes us better, the more we are in fact lowering our consciousness to the level of “Pride” and that level is in fact calibrating around 190 – which is below courage.

Having, Doing, Being

Now as Hawkins lays out the foundations of the map, he also shares 3 dominant states with which people can identify.

These stages are named Having, Doing, and Being. Every person is born and lives within a pre-dominant state, usually for their entire life, unless major events happen or a curious fire in their hearts calls them to explore more.

Let’s go into the explanation and description of each state so you can find out which one describes you the most, and perhaps find it appealing to experience a different, higher state that may benefit you even more.

Before that, I want to give a quick side note. Hawkins tells us that most people usually only progress up to 5~ points in their lifetime, but he doesn’t leave us with that. He tells us that just the mere exposure to this type of material, to the idea of consciousness, and the map itself already promotes IMMENSE changes in our worldview, life view, and the way we perceive our life.

Just by being curious, open, and accepting of this knowledge you may in fact transcend through the levels of consciousness tremendously. Being able to make use of this knowledge and seeing life and other people as they truly are is beneficial to you. It helps you see how much of others people’s way of living goes down to perspective – perhaps even lack of it, and this alone can allow us to be more compassionate and loving to others on their path.

It can help us make peace with certain people that hurt us and see how they didn’t know any better, and that their view of life was limiting and fear-based.

These changes may or may not happen to you overnight, but just by exploring, reading, and learning you are changing your brain structure and allowing for new paths to emerge. Some people experience LEAPS of consciousness when they first hear about this information because it is so powerful and allows us to see a deep truth that we may have held to but hasn’t had the tools, words, and ability to grasp and understand.

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Now back to the 3 states that we can experience in life:

1. Having (Survival) -> This state is found in the lower area of the map, in the levels of 1-200, This state is akin to survival and being in a constant state of war\rivalry paradigm. In this state the individual is measured by what he has, who he knows, what he wears, what he owns etc. It’s a materialistic and territorial state and it is reflected by lower states of consciousness

How to transcend this level: By realizing that the world around you and the things you value so much is due to your own perception of them as valuable. You can begin to understand that there is more abundance in the world that can be shared rather than fought for furiously.

2. Doing (Rational\intellectual) -> In these levels, most people will be focused on their achievements, their education, and their contribution to the world. It is a positive level of contribution that is important to our world. The people in these levels usually reside between 200-400 calibration levels and they are very aware and rational about how they go about their days and life. Usually, identity is tied to achievements, titles, and status.

3. Being (Spiritual\Loving\Existing) – At this level, people are more focused on their inner progress and work. They are very aware of the world around them and they start seeing the beauty in creation. People are very attracted to these individuals and have a strong desire to meet & talk with them

By reaching a state of BEING you become a source of inspiration and love for others. They can their true self in you, and they can finally let go of their false identities and negative ego projections. You become an example for others just by your presence and way of living.

Those who reach these high levels of consciousness don’t have much to transcend any more, but rather improve, and continue to work on their inner world and cultivate the deep awareness they developed. A lot of times they may become teachers and mentors to others who need them.

By understanding and removing obstacles and limitations found in the subconscious mind we are able to expand our awareness of what we are and what we can achieve. A lot of your inner beliefs and subconscious programming may be holding you back from the true potential of existence.

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What level of consciousness am I?

One of the most common questions people have after learning about the map of consciousness, and it is highly understandable! The fact you are curious shows that you have an inner desire to learn more and expand your level of awareness. The truth is that it’s hard for anyone else to tell you what level of consciousness you currently are without knowing you better and being able to see how you relate to the different world views and so forth.

The best thing that I recommend is to get the book and start exploring the ideas inside, and over time understand where you may be located on the map, without judgment or egoic preferences, but more out of a place of curiosity and desire to genuinely improve yourself and grow as a person.

How to ascend the levels of consciousness?

The way to expand your consciousness is to eventually release the negative judgments and false assumptions you have about yourself and others in the world.

It is a process of raising awareness of the sacredness of life, the truth, and the love that is in our world and how you can share that with others.

To be kind to people, to be of service, to be a person of virtue and truth will eventually allow you to ascend the levels of consciousness and open up new possibilities in life.

The ability to let go of limitations, greed, doubts, anger, and fear so you can trust yourself and in the divine will open up your heart to a higher existence from a place of love and growth.

This will allow you to feel as one with nature and existence and share the beauty of your true self with the world, as a being of light, and transcend the weaknesses we can easily fall into in life without this wonderful awareness we practice.

Hope you enjoyed this in-depth article. There is also a YouTube video of this discussion here!

As always, have a wonderful week ahead – let me know your thoughts with a reply to this email. Feel free to suggest the next topic\book\idea to discuss!


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