The naked truth is like a beautiful woman – when you see it you cannot resist it.

We are always seeking truth. Whether we want to know it or not.

Truth is not a concept – it is the core of our reality.

Without truth we are blind to the possibilities of life, we are aimless in our decisions.

It is a concept related to Regret minimization. We need truth to make the right decisions – so we will not regret them in the future.

Truth is neither bad nor wrong, truth can be both.

Truth is the subjective understanding of what is present and available at hand. What is comprehended in the most abstract sense of the word?

I can say the day is night – and if for me that is the representation of the things it is the truth to me.

If you are willing to dress your perspective on my ideas for an instance you can see my truth for a moment.

The True Nature Of Truth

That is why truth is both objective and subjective at the same time.

There is never an absolute truth for us mere humans.

We can only try and reach the absolute truth by practicing acceptance and no judgment.

The only being that can possess the absolute truth is a being that can access all viewpoints, all ideas, all instances of action all at once, and when it is in that state the absolute truth that is a sum of all those individual perspectives is present inside of it.

Whether it is a god, the universe, an omnipotent being, a spirit – this is the only way to achieve the ultimate truth and we can live to accept it.

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