Kundalini Meditation technique 1

  1. Sit quietly with legs crossed on your yoga mattress and relax
  2. Begin with a regular [[Mindfulness Meditation]] for 3-10 minutes
  3. As your body is relaxed and calm begin to adjust your hands into the “Gyan Mudra” – creating a circle between the index and the thumb
  4. Lay your hands as far away on your knees, with your hands stretched fully outwards
  5. When you are ready, take one deep breath and start inhaling with reverse breathing. Push your diaphragm with your abdominal muscles inward, and you will hear your nose exhaling air. The inhale should happen automatically.
  6. Keep doing so for 1 minute or so, until you feel you can no longer sustain this breathing technique
  7. As you finish the cycle, draw in a large breath from your nose and hold your breathe for another minute or so.
  8. In that period of time, observe your inner world, your inner body and feel the sensations and energy in your body.
  9. Finally, you can exhale and breathe back in normally.
  10. Continue with Mindfulness meditation for a bit until you regain your senses while experiencing the energy in your body
  11. When you are ready, raise your hand to the air in a 45 degree opening and spread your fingers open. This should look like a V shape aiming towards the sky.
  12. Now you can begin to do the same cycle again from 5 to 9. At the end of 6 you can return to the original hand mudra position
  13. As you finish the second cycle, hold your hands together on the heart and allow the energy to ground itself in your body.
  14. As you finish the meditation, send an intention through your highly energized body to the universe for what you wish to experience, cultivate, and create in your life. This will allow you to amplify the strong energy in your body and send it back to the source for faster manifestation.
  15. Finish the session by laying down on the matress and letting yourself rest. The Kundalini Yoga is one of the most intense practices and you will probably need it.

Namaste and Blessings.