Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the bread and butter of all meditation techniques. In order to learn and master any other type of meditation, one must start with this practice and make it a basic foundation of one’s life.

Meditation is the basic foundation of one’s existence. The pillar of life and health as we know it. Meditation is the secret door that can open the gates of abundance, of relationships, wealth, health, and communication – inner and outer.

Without meditation one feels dull and life loses a certain level of color and beauty as it could have had. One does not feel at complete peace and relaxation without having a strong practice to fall on. This is why I recommend anyone I stumble upon to practice meditation and make it a pillar of his life.

Just like you go to sleep, eat, walk, breathe, and brush your teeth – so you should meditate.

Between 10-15 minutes. That’s all I ask of you for now. If you will be able to stay consistent and disciplined with your practice, the appetite and thirst for more will arise.

I have met many people in my life whom I tried to persuade to start meditation. It never works – one has to desire a change in his life, to have a “Point in the heart” to dive deeper. To dive inwards – where all life begins.

Inwards is the place where one has understood that there is nothing “Outward” himself when he realized that there is nothing out there at all.

Everything worth having, building, doing, creating, and being is already found within you. You may read this and think you understand this now but meditation will prove it to you. Meditation will take you from believing to knowing.

From blindness to light. Only when you close your eyes to the fake world fabricated by the mind, you can then begin to open your inner eyes and see clearly the real world, the world inside.

Meditation isn’t a matter of luxurious pastime or elitist activity. It is the foundation for a person that wishes to become who he really is, who he was sent here to embody.

For now, you need to believe, but soon, as you dive into the realms of meditation to its full extent, you will slowly but surely begin to know.