What is Kundalini Awakening Meditation

Kundalini Awakening meditation is a special kind of meditation that incorporates various techniques such as [[breathwork]], postures, [[chanting]], and [[meditation]], and is designed to awaken the hidden energy and [[life force]] in your body, called [[Prana]].

This powerful energy can create serious chemical reactions and changes in your [[energetic body]]. Through your ability to awaken this powerful energy, you can begin to experience a profound shift in your reality.

You will start sensing increased physical and mental energy, a higher level of clarity, stronger focus, more intense experiences, a better connection to reality and the divine, and more.

This energy is a powerful one that travels from the lower chakras of the body to the higher chakras – through which one moves from lower states of mind to higher states of being. It is said to bring about transformative experiences and spiritual growth.

As you practice Kundalini Yoga more and more you’ll begin to experience your consciousness expanding, your levels of awareness increasing, and your ability to create your own reality and manifest things to life increases.

This is an advanced practice and one you should approach with certain levels of caution with a teacher or practitioner that can provide deeper guidance.